Rejoice Oh Youth!

Автор: Miller, Avigdor, r.

Издательство: Shvut Ami



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Номер по каталогу: 03191000
Год издания: 1996
Cтраниц: 426
Weight: 0.52 kgs
Translated by: Spinadel, Gedalya
Editor: Wasserman, Tsvi
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 14x3x22


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Comprehensive statement of the Jewish world

The dialogue Rabi and youths, some sources are quoted verbatim, others just are, and some are woven into the text so that it is difficult to select. Among the latter, a lot of ideas from the book Hovot alevavot (Duties of hearts), of the Rambam, Kuzari, Mesilat Esharim and other unspecified sources on which to base their arguments Sage and youth. Used in the text and also many of the facts of the non-religious works, for which the author is willing to give references upon request. In the dialogues are also references to the parallel passages in the book. In the parentheses indicate the sections instead of pages.

Because this book is constructed in the form of conversation, discussion items often do not have strict boundaries, and in the course of answering questions Boys may be a new topic. The dialogue also provides answers to questions that have not been delivered straight, and there are parallels that are not specially marked. The title of this book is explained in the final, paragraph 896, and, despite its title, this book is designed for thoughtful Jews of all ages. Some of the ideas and statements in this book may give rise to objections that the author is willing to discuss if he had been approached with a question. However, a second reading and reference to the links usually help to clarify the point. Get the most out of this book that the reader who will be re-read it many times, and in a row, and for a number of years.



The search for 1-23 Truth
The myth of evolution 24-61
Hope for lost 62-71
Truth is in the tradition of 71-138


In the footsteps of Abraham, 139-229
The offspring of Abraham 230-254
The history of Israel 254-285
The peoples of the world 286-319
Defamation of Israel 320-332
The triumph of justice 332-402


Oral tradition 403-531
Historical perspectives 532-562
The intention Stories 563-599


The free will of 600-674
Perfection 674-694
Gratitude 695-775


True Knowledge 776-818
Prayer and True Knowledge 818-829
Suffering righteous 829-845
Bitahon and Creation from nothing 846-891
Prosperity 892-896

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