Request for Truth

јвтор: Nahman from Braslav, rabi

»здательство: Aish Ha Torah


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If you want to be included in the Unity in full at the initial Unity, which was before the creation of the world, a perfect unity, which is
absolute goodness and holiness, take care of all lies, and speak only the truth, and be completely honest, and then you'd be included in Unity
because the truth is one.


Is it true that in this world it is almost impossible to find the truth? Funny question. How many times have we deceived in that and in this country teachers, bosses and politicians, smart and stupid, known and unknown, newspapers and television apparently - probably not ... And how many times, to be honest, we do not prevaricate, so confused and finally got to where found. Is it possible to get out from under the pile of lies, growing day by day and filled the whole world? Being like everyone else, flag down a blind eye to the small voice of conscience, the last effort refusing to put up with injustice. Drown his work, treats, news, going to sleep ... Still, he refuses to shut up and keeps saying, "All that is not true, cheap, fake, lie!"
What gives him the strength - this strange tuning fork in us? Amazing gift from above - the nagging suspicion that that one day - and very soon, the evil will disappear and all the lies stop, will disappear, burned to the ground. Light of Truth God fills the entire universe.

What will happen with us? Good question. On which side we find ourselves? Which side are we now? Do we have enough time to cross to the right side? And how is it done?

Obviously we are not the first to ask themselves these questions. For generations, our ancestors found an answer to the eternal heritage of our people, the Sinai Revelation, in the words of the prophets and the books of sages. But what can we do the will of Gd was thrown from our heritage into unknown areas where we still have to set foot of the Jewish people? There is a rule: God does not send a person to test that a person is not able to overcome. This means that there is in the world of answers to questions that do not cease to torment us. You just need to reach out, to wait, interrogation, the final grinding. And remember, and believe that the answer is that God sends treatment before the disease that has come into the world of the righteous, the light which is able to show us the way in the growing darkness that is in the world of words that are eager to hear our soul. And these words are capable of causing our own words - the words of our righteousness, which can not pronounce one except us, the words that so expect from us again, and without which it can not escape, because the revelation of truth can only be a response to the desire for truth.

This little book - an attempt to help each of us to find and pronounce these words of truth. These requests - prayer Rabbi Nathan and advice of his teacher, the great righteous latest generation of Rabbi Nachman of Braslava. Walking out of the depths of the highest soul, they lit not one Jewish heart. Maybe they will help and we?

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