Reuvens Prayer

јвтор: Zukerman, Reuven



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Prayer - a state of mind , as it is written : " ... and I - prayer ! " (Psalms 109 : 4). Prayer - the realization that the primary spiritual . Our thoughts and feelings expressed by words addressed to the Creator - turn into a chain , connecting us with the Eternal . Through prayer man attached to the Almighty , and He leads him through this world , where even a single word or action can change the destiny of man .

These 19 images are an attempt to illustrate the Jewish prayer " Amida ".

Reuven Zuckerman

Widely known what was said in the holy Zohar , "The Lord looked into the Torah and created the world ." Right after reading the book world, our forefather Abraham opened it Torah Divine Creator. Distant descendant of Abraham , painter Reuven Zuckerman, read the world as Creator siddur - prayer , every object of which - a string of prayer. He saw overheard or rather, spied and creative eye of the artist gave a prayer tree , sunflower , a broken chair , a forest brook , human hands, smashed shop windows and shadows.

His photographs sound rather sing their song glorifying the Creator of the world, so it's understandable why his album is called "Prayer of Reuben ."

Rav Tzvi Patlas , Editor in Chief
" Pardes ". Nisan , 5773 .

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