Revolution of Consciousness

Автор: Karpel, Moty

Издательство: Jewish Leadership


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Номер по каталогу: 09329000
Год издания: 2008
Cтраниц: 414
ISBN: 978-965-91308-0-1
Weight: 0.69 kgs
Editor: Gil-Ami, G.; Entova, A.
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 16x3x24


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decline of the ideology of Zionism and the emergence of alternative Emunah

Mordechai ( Moti ) Karpel was born in 1953. Along with the teaching of Western philosophy at Haifa University, he spent many years in-depth study of the Torah and Judaism. Chief editor of the weekly " Lehathila " and the magazine "Nowhere ." Major stock. He lives in the mountains of Judea near Jerusalem .

Based on what the classical Zionist ideology and how it relates to traditional Jewish philosophy? Why Zionism is unable to cope with the problems of modern Israel , and how they can be solved ? What are the Messianic expectations and what is the historical task of the Jewish people ? The answers to these questions gives Karpel , analyzing the history of its development and the objectives in terms of the age-old Jewish values ​​. Eternal Jewish wisdom , set out clear language of modern philosophy , not only to provide food imagination , but will not leave anyone indifferent.

table of contents

About the book Moti Karpel " Consciousness Revolution "


The birth of the Zionist ideology
Zionist ideology as a cause of the crisis

Break the deadlock - NEW CONSCIOUSNESS

The new consciousness as a synthesis
Our task - to create a culture
third Temple
Jewish identification
The current generation of back to basics
Faith and Jewish identity

Consciousness Emunim - selected issues

Messianism in Israel - Geula
The historical consciousness of the liberation of Israel as a community
The culture of the Third Temple
The Land of Israel
The Arab- Israeli conflict
universal aspect
Revolution or evolution

Changing of the guard - the social and political aspects

Socialist Zionist movement
and the current elite
Gush Emunim movement and community Emunim
The Israeli left
historical dialectics
The new management

Foundations of a new state :

Establishment of a Jewish state
Israel's War of Liberation
Building the Temple
The reunification of the Jewish Diaspora -led peace Fix the Most High

Foundations of a new state :

Jewish democracy
Jewish Law and the State of Israel
The State of the Jews
foreign policy
The political program
and the victory over the Palestinians
"Israeli Arabs" The IDF Temple Mount Jewish social work policy
The tactics of the revolution
List of Hebrew terms and concepts of Judaism
Postscript editor


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