Righteous Man of Our Time

Автор: Raz, Simcha

Издательство: Yahdav


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Год издания: 1992
Cтраниц: 414
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Translated by: Purer, Nachum
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 17x2x24


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History of Jerusalem prison " Russian Compound " long and difficult . In the days of the British Mandate in its walls spent many hours, days, months and even years, many prisoners , fighters for independence of the State of Israel , soldiers Tsevan Leumi , Lehi , Haganah . Only after 1948 , it acquired the status of a prison for common criminals .

Over the years this gloomy building regularly visited a small, white-bearded rabbi with eyes radiating warmth, and a constant smile on his face good . He did not have to this prison no official relationship - was neither an employee nor a visitor . Yet many of the prisoners were waiting impatiently his visit , not without reason, and considering calling this man my father. It was Rabbi Aryeh Levin, " Tzadik of Jerusalem ," a man of kindness unthinkable . His love and patience would be enough , perhaps, for all the Jews of the world ...

Rabbi Aryeh Levin was born in 1885 in the town of Urla , near Bialystok . Before finalizing alternately in Cheder , Talmud Torah and Yeshiva , Rabbi Levin twenty years decided on a difficult journey from Poland to the Holy Land . He safely reached Eretz Yisroel , soon married , and then received the title of rabbi. In 1917, Rabbi Levin was invited to become a spiritual mentor in the Jerusalem yeshiva " Etz Chaim" and remained in that position until his death .

Desire to help his fellow man , sincerely from the heart was the main desire of Rabbi Levin. For him there was absolutely no political significance or economic situation in the Holy Land . Days of the war , periods of relative calm and prosperity in no way affect the feeling of love that Rabbi Levin felt all Jews without exception. For himself, he was content with the minimum lived very modestly, although he had the opportunity to secure a comfortable existence . But other Rabbi Levin devoted himself to , without a trace.

His wife Hana , pious and modest woman , helped her husband and supported all his undertakings . Both were infinitely good people , their charity knew no bounds . Educating their children , spouses Levins took cordially several reception rooms. The door of their small one-bedroom apartment was always open to guests and for those who needed help , protection and support .


For twenty- five years , Rabbi Levin visited the imprisoned Jews - and convicted of political crimes , and convicted of crimes against society . Weather had absolutely no value - whether it's pouring rain or hot hamsin . Every Saturday Rabbi Levin went to prison, to his " sons " to spend time with them Saturday prayer. Even those prisoners who considered himself not the commandments of the Torah , participated in these Saturday meetings. Rabbi Levin sincere love for every Jew could not leave anyone indifferent.

But not only the prison visiting this amazing man . He was a frequent guest in the leper colony , and in psychiatric hospitals . Care and attention Rabbi Levin awarded everyone who was for some reason cut off society and who lacked warmth, joy and a kind word .

Every Rosh Chodesh Rabbi Levin visited Jerusalem's psychiatric hospital " Our Ezrat ." Then this institution was not the same as it looks now . Grim situation , antediluvian equipment , untrained staff - not all , than "Glory" the abovementioned organization, in those years . Orderlies to maintain order and discipline among their helpless victims , did not shun any impact measures .

Causing the next visit , Rabbi Levin noticed bruises and bruises on the face of one of the patients , an elderly Jew. It turned out that one of the nurses , being in a bad mood , I decided to vent their dissatisfaction unfortunate patients life. Knowing that no one visits this man ( which means - he has no relatives ) , medic decided that his actions easily get away with it .

Rabbi Levin , however, thought otherwise. He immediately went to the office to the head office and in the most severe form demanded , "Who gave the right way to treat your employees with my uncle ? .. " With respect to the orderly disaffected were immediately adopted the most stringent measures .

" HERE - THIS TORA ! .. "

There are many stories of Rabbi Aryeh Levin , his love and care for his unselfish kindness of his heart wide . All are carefully collected , recorded and published by Israeli journalist Simcha Raz , who believed Rabbi Aryeh Levin, his teacher and spiritual mentor ..

In 1970, Israeli journalist Simcha Raz, while on business in New York, decided to take this opportunity to pay a visit to the Lubavitcher Rebbe . He called the Secretariat " Seventy Seven " and asked him to appoint a day and time when it will be able to meet with the Rebbe .

On the night of Thursday to Friday , at three o'clock in the morning almost , Simcha once crossed the threshold of the Rebbe 's office . Secretary warned the journalist of " regulation " of the meeting: " Not more than ten minutes ! ".

" Once Simcha ? .. - Asked the Rebbe . - Article " Panim el Panim " (" Face to Face" ) of Rabbi Aryeh Levin Do not you written ? " Journalist nodded , being a little surprised by the fact that the Rebbe is the time to read newspapers and still remembers the names of the authors of articles.

"It was an extraordinary man , - continued the Rebbe . - His love for every Jew was really present . Tell me about him . "

Initially, both , and journalist, and the Rebbe spoke standing . It lasted about half an hour . The Rebbe then offered to sit down. At this point in the cabinet secretary looked and gestured that the visit has expired . But the Rebbe did not let his visitor : " Tell me , I beg you ." And confused Simcha once stayed.

So another half an hour. Secretary of the newly opened office door. This time, his face was discontent. "Besides you have other visitors ," - he said, referring to the journalist . Simcha Once made ​​another attempt to say goodbye , but the Rebbe did not let him go. "Just a little , - the Rebbe turned to the secretary. - That I asked Mr. Raza stay. I really need to talk to him . "

When the door closed behind the Secretary , shaken journalist said: " Since we are talking about Rabbi Levin ... I know that he has never had a secretary and schedule meetings, he was not too . At home he has always been people . And I do not remember such a moment to Rabbi Levin told someone that he does not have time now to meet. If his door was ajar , I knew that Rabbi house and you can safely go . " "I understand your hint " - Rebbe smiled .


The conversation lasted for about one and a half hours. Rebbe asked question after question , demanded stories. Simcha once told them one after another . The Rebbe listened attentively , nodding his head in approval , as if confirming the validity of each . At one point, the Rebbe asked me whether a journalist with any original discoveries or interpretations Rabbi Levin in the Torah. Simcha once thought , then shrugged : "As for discoveries hard to say . But I heard from Rabbi many interesting ideas regarding the various verses of the Torah and prayer. " Rebbe immediately wanted to hear them.

"I once heard Rabbi Levin explained the very first of the morning blessings - began journalist and quoted : - " Blessed are You ... cock endowment of ability to distinguish day from night . " Rabbi Levin asked - why it's a blessing to be the first ? Why almost immediately upon awakening , we must remember about the intellectual abilities and his ability to cock crow time ? .. And the rabbi replied that if this cock brought from Jerusalem to New York, he , in spite of the fact that he changed the timezone and still crowed would be correct in the allotted time . And this - a lesson for all of us. We must thank the Almighty that He has given to man , as the rooster , the ability to speak in the right place suitable to this place things - in due time . And this - the first thing we have to remember waking up in the morning ... "" Brilliant said , "- smiled Rebbe

Simcha reiterate some more ideas of Rabbi Aryeh Levin , and the Rebbe said that all of them are deep and unusually capacious in its content. "Once the rabbi asked me - the journalist - who , in my opinion , really great - a man who goes beyond his own character , overcoming their own habits and customs, or a man who never does not condemn anyone , but on the contrary - tries find an excuse for everyone? .. I replied that the first act is more significant , because it is incredibly difficult - to break itself. "No, - I replied Rabbi Levin . - Defeat itself , of course, is not easy, and the level of which is reached by this certainly high. Yet we are talking only about himself ... He who looks for excuses to everyone raises not only yourself but also your neighbor . " Rebbe extremely excited this idea . He listened to his guest , and very carefully , waiting until the end , said : "This is - a real Tora! .. "


The meeting , which lasted two and a half hours instead released ten minutes came to an end .

" You know, Mr. Raz, - the Rebbe said , as if summing up - it seems to me that all the stories you told of paramount importance. Each of them - like a pearl . As for the thoughts of the Torah , Rabbi Levin , I confess - it's really great interpretation ! .. I think you , as a person who writes , it is worth it to collect all the pieces together and publish a book about Rabbi Levin . People should know about this , people need to remember this . "

Inspired by a meeting with the Rebbe journalist took the job . The book was written in record time - within a few months - and in the same year was published. In Hebrew it was called " Ish Tzadik Haya ." The book sold thousands of copies , and was soon translated into several languages ​​, including - and Russian . Her name is well known to many - "The righteous of our time ..."

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