My Road

јвтор: Zamir, Rachel


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Ќомер по каталогу: 07039000
√од издани€: 2008
Cтраниц: 294
Weight: 0.82 kgs
Translated by: Gribun, Inna; Gribun, Ira
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 18x3x25


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Memoires of Chabad kindergarden teacher.

The author - Chabad hereditary, almost half a century devoted to work in kindergartens and beginners classes. Probably, she has chosen a trade of "teacher" because itself has been almost deprived the childhood.

You can not call happy those days , when the eight-year school girl has to dress the arm every week or resort to other tricks not to write on the Sabbath . Free Soviet sandwich with butter and sausage , too, he problem : teacher standing over my soul , "Eat all ! " And as it is ...

In the pre-war Soviet school of the right to teach geography to mathematics bought the daily singing of the "Internationale ." Next comes the story of the war . What are composed some lines which refers to an air raid on a train with children who are trafficked from the siege of Leningrad. Rachel - not Turgenev , but the more clearly and strongly sounds this line : " Gd has preserved us , and when the train was bombed , suffered only last wagons filled with provisions and equipment. They immediately unhooked ... We were saved ! ". In dryly , " black and white " story that leads Rachel , hidden between the lines of lightning.

After bullying an orphanage girl gets to the relatives , the family Sasonkinyh in the Chabad world Samarkand. Rav Nachum - Shmaryau , who lost two sons in Stalin's camps after the war began collecting nephews and grandchildren, sharing with them a piece of bread and its
soul .

Grandpa, why , when the food on the table , you do not immediately take a spoon ? - Asks Rachel . And he hears the answer:
- It is when very hungry , you need to stop and help it ...

Caught in the Land and married, Rachel enters a teacher in a public kindergarten , outside the system of Chabad . Over the years, it has received 200 letters from the Lubavitcher Rebbe , what can be proud of a few people on earth.

There are several reasons why the head -generation devoted so much effort in helping the modest teacher from Holon . Here's one : Rachel was in the forefront of the Jewish soul. She leads synopsis of one of the Rebbe's letters :
- Rabbi glad I started working in the Chabad .
- The importance of education at an early age .
- Blessing .

In the early 50 's was a great aliyah from Arab countries. On newspaper pages flashed " maabarot ", " Yemeni children are " soaked anguish " of development." The system of kindergartens and schools Chabad was in response to the cut sidelocks , kibbutz education and other Soviet murk . " Chabad takes all" - this saying was born in those years.

When Rachel retirement, someone (Creator ? ) Ordered to pay all the money that it underpaid for a long teaching career. However, without being tied to the dollar.

But the letters Rebbe. And hundreds of thousands of meetings with former students shouting or whispering , "You - my mother ... "


Chapter 1Velikaya Patriotic War
Chapter 2 Life in the orphanage
Chapter 3 My sister and brother
Chapter 4 of my parents' house
Chapter 5 After the war
Chapter 6 in Samarkand
Chapter 7 Escape
Chapter 8 The house of Rabbi Sasonkina
Chapter 9: My marriage
Chapter 10: Home
Chapter 11 Activities Chabad
Chapter 12: The Return of the kindergarten
Chapter 13 Problems in the garden and their solutions
Chapter 14 Monitoring and conclusion
Chapter 15 Minor accidents
Chapter 16: Methods of my work
Chapter 17 School
Chapter 18: Transition to instructor's job
Chapter 19 Inspection
Chapter 20: Training programs
Chapter 21 calls Rebbe
Chapter 22Osnovy education in the gardens of Chabad .
Chapter 23 Retirement
Annex I saw with my own eyes

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