Russian Jews. Times and Events

Автор: Kandel, Felix

Издательство: Gesharim


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Номер по каталогу: 09548000
Год издания: 2014
Cтраниц: 798
ISBN: 978-593273-384-4
Weight: 1.15 kgs
Editor: Ablina, I.
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 17x4x25


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Over the past twenty years, there are many books and articles about the Jews of the Russian empire, based on archival documents previously unavailable. This book - a popular scientific account of the history of Russian Jews from their first appearances in different territories, which later became part of the Russian Empire. Book of this kind was first published in Russian: it uses the latest research of historians and archival sources. Jewish fate of different ages on the background of historical events - an indispensable component of this book.

Table of Contents

PART ONE (until the second half of the eighteenth century)
essay first
Who we are. How to call themselves. How to call us others. When they came to this land
sketch of the second
Khazars. Khazars. Adoption of Judaism. The rise and fall of the Khazars

sketch of the third
Khazars and Slavs. Jews and Kievan Rus. Mongol invasion

essay on the fourth
Jews of Central Europe. The Crusades. Ritual slander. Pogroms, murder and exile. Resettlement to the east

sketch of the fifth
First appearance of the Jews in Poland. Benefits of Boleslaw the Pious. Persecution since "Black Death." Resettlement of Jews in Poland and Lithuania

sketch of the sixth
Benefits of Casimir the Great. Expulsion from Lithuania.
The anti-Jewish propaganda and the first anti-Semitic literature. Charges of desecrating the holy Host

essay on the seventh
Novgorod "heresy of the Judaizers." Judaizers at the court of Ivan III. Their teaching. Penalty main heretics. Ivan the Terrible and the Jews
essay eighth
Jewish self-government in Poland and Lithuania. Kahal. Vaad. Courts. Religious authorities of the Polish Jews
sketch of the ninth
Schooling in Poland and Lithuania. Hedera and yeshiva.
The wedding ceremony and family life. Religious and charitable fraternity

essay on the tenth
Jews in the Ukraine. Horror times Khmelnytsky. The war between Russia and Poland. Polish uprising against the Swedes and the destruction of the Jewish communities. Starting relocation to the West

essay on the eleventh
Hopes for a liberator. Coming of the Messiah. Sabbatai Zevi - false messiah. Faith in him. Predmessianskie cooking. Daylight Sabbatai Zevi to Islam

essay on the twelfth
Sabbatianskie sect in Podolia and Galicia. Jacob Frank and movement "Francoism." Franco disputes with the rabbis and the burning of the Talmud. Franco transition to Catholicism. Eva Frank and the end of the "Franco"

essay on the thirteenth
Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov. Childhood. Years of solitude and contemplation. Baal Shem Tov - healer, righteous, holy man. Foundations of his teachings
essay on the fourteenth
The Jews of Poland and Lithuania after hmelnichiny. Restrictive laws of the church. Ritual slander. Haidamaks uprising. Koliivschina and Uman Massacre
essay on the fifteenth
Sporadic appearance of Jews in the Russian state. Troubled times. Reign of Alexei Mikhailovich. Peter I and the Jews. Case Voznitsyn. Doctor António Ribeiro Sanshes

PART TWO (1772-1881 years)

sketch of the sixteenth
Jews of Central and Western Europe in the mid-eighteenth century. Partitions of Poland. The reign of Catherine II and the introduction of the Pale of Settlement

essay on the seventeenth
"Opinion" Senator Derzhavin. Jewish Committee under Alexander I. Eviction from villages. Jewish agricultural colonies

sketch of the eighteenth
Successor to the Baal Shem Tov - Rabbi Dov Ber. The spread of Hasidism. Vilna Gaon and the beginning of the struggle with the Hasidim
sketch of the nineteenth
Fighting Hasidim. Founder of the "Chabad" Rabbi Schneur Zalman. His arrest and release
sketch of the twentieth
The French Revolution and its impact on European Jews. Duchy of Warsaw. The Jews of Russia and the War of 1812
Sketch of the twenty-first
Restrictive laws after 1812. Kingdom of Poland. Member of the secret society Gregory Peretz
Essay on the twenty-second
Pogrom in Odessa. Ritual and Velizh libel case. Transfer of remains to the Jewish cemetery in Brest

Essay on the twenty-third
Starting "Haskalah" the Russian Jews. The traditional system of education: header and yeshiva. Rav Chaim of Volozhin. Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov
Essay on the twenty-fourth
The reign of Nicholas I. Introduction of conscription for the Jews. Children cantonists. Forced baptism. Service in the army of Nicholas

Essay on the twenty-fifth
The Jewish community of St. Petersburg, Kiev and Moscow. The fight against the traditional Jewish clothing. Introduction treasury of Jewish schools. Resettlement in Siberia and the New Russia.
The arrival of M. Montefiore

Essay on the twenty-sixth
New ritual libel. "Mstislav riot." Town Kapyl Minsk province

Essay on the twenty-seventh
Poverty of the Jewish population of the Russian Empire. The spiritual life of communities. Rav Yisrael Salanter and his teachings
Essay on the twenty-eighth
The era of "great reforms". Jewish role in the development of the Russian economy. The uprising in Poland. Jews in the Russian-Turkish war

Essay on the twenty-ninth
Desire for secular education. Attitude of Russian society towards the Jews. Jews in the revolutionary movement. The murder of Alexander II

PART THREE (1881-1900 years)

essay on the thirtieth
The Jews of Europe by the end of the nineteenth century. The position of the Russian Jews. Incitement to violence. Pogroms in 1881.
Provincial Commission

Essay on the thirty-first
Pogrom in Balta. Introduction of the "Provisional Regulations".
Pogroms 1882-1884 gg. The collapse of the policy of "Russification"

Essay on the thirty-second
Emigration of Russian Jews. Starting palestinofilskogo movement. Leo Pinsker and his "Autoemancipation." Biluytsy
Sketch of the thirty-third
The introduction of interest rules and eviction from villages. Expulsion from Moscow in 1891-1892 gg. New restrictive laws Alexander III

Essay and thirty-fourth
The mass emigration of Russian Jews. Baron M. Hirsch and resettlement in Argentina. Settling Eretz Yisrael
Essay on the thirty-fifth
Way of life of the Jewish communities. Charity. Hedera, yeshivas and synagogues. The rabbis of the Pale. Cantors and klezmer
Sketch of the thirty-sixth
Census 1897 Economic situation of Russian Jews. Participation in trade, industry and agriculture.
Wedding in the village of

Sketch of the thirty-seventh
Jews in the interior provinces of the Russian Empire. Russian participation in the social, scientific and cultural life

PART FOUR (1901-1917 years)

Sketch of the thirty-eighth
The reign of Nicholas II. Jews in the revolutionary movement. Fighting Organization SRs. "Provocateur virtuoso" Azev
Essay on the thirty-ninth
Education Bund. Herzl and the first Zionist Congress. Mayhem in Nikolaev. The anti-Jewish propaganda in Bessarabia

essay on the fortieth
Kishinev pogrom. Herzl in Russia. Sixth Zionist Congress and Plan Uganda

Sketch of forty-one
Jews in the Russian-Japanese war. Pogroms of 1904-1905. "Troubles" time. The October 1905 riots

Essay on the forty-second
Formation of the Union of the Russian people. First Duma and the pogrom in Bialystok. Second Duma. The exodus of Jews from Russia

Sketch of forty-three
"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"

Sketch of the forty-fourth
Third Duma. The use of restrictive laws. Fourth Duma. Kill P. Stolypin
Sketch of forty-five
New restrictive measures. Jewish community organizations. Poets and writers. Publication of books and newspapers. Participation in the Russian culture
Sketch of the forty-sixth
Menachem Mendel Beilis case

Sketch of the forty-seventh
The First World War. Mass expulsion of the Jews. The February Revolution

Jews of Crimea
Jews of the Caucasus
Jews of Central Asia
Jews of Siberia


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