Secrers of Hebrew Words

јвтор: Blech, Benjamin, r.

»здательство: Shvut Ami


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√од издани€: 1994
Cтраниц: 230
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Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
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This book - an entertaining collection of small linguistic masterpieces which not only entertains, but also opens depths of Judaism and national Jewish character.

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Did you know that the Hebrew word ISRAEL encrypted names of the patriarchs and matriarchs of the Jewish people?

That the word Torah indicates the number of commandments contained in it?

That many of the fundamental ideas of Judaism can be derived from the structure of the Hebrew words?

In the book 'Secrets of the Hebrew words "Rabbi Benjamin Blech reveals to the reader the exciting world of Jewish thought and values ​​of the Jewish tradition by deciphering abbreviations counting gematria (numerical values ​​of words) and search unexpected analogies. Parallel Rabbi Blech explores various themes, reflecting the most important ideas of Judaism, Israel, Gd and Torah life and death, joy and sorrow, love and hate, peace and war, the good things of life (wealth, wisdom, soul, friends): the man, the woman and the family, heroes and villains, prophecies and predictions. every word subjected to a brief, but very deep and informative analysis, which fits on a single page, and sometimes in a few lines. reader will learn what the power lies, when he, along with the author explores the Hebrew word SHEKER.

He is acquainted with the Jewish approach to the idea of ​​immortality laid down in the word Kever (grave) He's expected many other discoveries. Each learned word dominates thought, delivering genuine intellectual pleasure.

"Secrets of the Hebrew words" - an interesting book. This is an entertaining collection of small linguistic masterpieces that not only entertains but also opens the spiritual depth of Judaism and the Jewish national character.

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Note to readers
who do not know Hebrew
The Hebrew alphabet, transliteration
and the numerical values ​​of the letters
Chapter 1. Israel
Chapter 2. Almighty
Chapter 3. Torah
Chapter 4. Life and death
Chapter 5. Truth and Lies
Chapter 6. Good and evil
Chapter 7. Joy and sorrow
Chapter 8. Love and Hate
Chapter 9. War and Peace
Chapter 10. Wealth
Chapter 11. Wisdom
Chapter 12. Soul
Chapter 13. Friends
Chapter 14. Man
Chapter 15. Woman
Chapter 16. Family
Heroes of the Tanakh
Chapter 17. Heroes
Chapter 18. Villains
Chapter 19. Two of the Temple
Chapter 20. The final disposal


Hebrew - the holy language. At the most basic level of understanding means that different combinations of his twenty-two letters is the whole Torah. With the Hebrew Gd said, and continues to report a man His ways, His will, His laws and His wisdom.

However, as our Sages taught, Hebrew not only describes, but he himself creates, (Genesis bar Elokim et a-ve-et shamaim and v'aretz). In his first sentence Torah says that "In the beginning God created the heaven and the-r land." Word (and shaman), the sky is preceded untranslatable preposition (at), which consists of the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. This means that the first Gd created letters, and then using only letters and different combinations was created universe.

Scientists argue that the matter is formed from molecules. Mystics go further: in their view, the letters have their own power and dynamics. Their various combinations allow us to see the relationship between different at first sight words and concepts. We need to know their numeric value - the blood-theory, for the words with the same gematria have common properties (similar to the world of physical objects, many of which are similar to one another, as they consist of hydrogen, oxygen and other essential elements.)

Torah can comment on and analyze four different methods: (Pshat), looking for a simple, very direct value; EDTV (Remez) hint; (Druzha) interpretation, by (SOD), a mystery. The first letters of the four terms for different approaches to the text of the Torah, the word form (Pardes), which means "garden." Anyone who studies the Torah pravitelno as if falls into the Garden of Eden, getting an indescribable pleasure from countless intellectual discovery, (inc) - secret - revealed to us not only a careful reading of lengthy texts. Even in the simplest terms, the names of the Jewish people and Gd, life and death, male and female, the heroes and villains of the Tanakh, you can find the startling idea of ​​opening our eyes at the slightest effort as soon as we remove them from the "outer cover."

This book - for beginners. Designed to awaken the reader's intellectual appetite she will tell you about the rewards that you will honor if seriously react to the Talmudic dictum that the Torah, "talking to seventy languages" may be interpreted by countless levels. After reading the book, you will love and appreciate the Hebrew, that is the only language in which Gd revealed His truth on Mount Sinai. And then I'll take that fully rewarded for their work.

When a transliteration of Hebrew words were taken as a basis adopted modern spoken Hebrew pronunciation.



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