Secrets of Health

јвтор: Indji, Chana



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The book presents the information collected over many generations of Jewish traditional medicine. Materials collected from Jewish sources: written and oral Torah, the book of Rambam and sages of Kabbalah.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part lists alphabetically the names of but a disease or organ. Under the name there is a list of drugs and measures to treat this problem. Prescription medications are very simple, most of the ingredients are available at natural food stores, and some of them have in every home. At the end of the first part is a dictionary of product names in Russian, Hebrew and English, which aims to facilitate the search of a particular ingredient.
The second part - is the head of the digest was Jewish laws (Kitsur Shulchan Aruch), dedicated to the correct way of life.
The third part - a collection of prayers.
In many places, one of the treatments for the problem is to read the Book of Zohar, Tikkun put, the Shema, blessings before and after eating 13 principles of Judaism. Part of the Zohar (in Aramaic) is given at the end of this book and. Tikkun put - this is from the book of Psalms 10 Psalms of King David - is on p. 57 in Hebrew, translated into Russian,
There you can find the Shema prayer in Hebrew, its translation and I ransliteratsiyu, as well as a number of explanations.
The fourth part shows how important trace minerals for our body and which explains that their effectiveness is achieved even microscopic amounts. As well as a list of foods and a list of what they are useful.
The fifth part - this part contains the recommended diet for various diseases.
All information contained in this book is not a substitute for treatment prescribed by doctors to the patient. We bear no responsibility.

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