Secrets of the Wailing Wall

јвтор: Lyukimson, Petr

»здательство: Feniks



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Ќомер по каталогу: 09351000
√од издани€: 2010
Cтраниц: 366
ISBN: 978-5-222-16378-8
Weight: 0.45 kgs
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 15x2x22


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The book "Secrets of the Wailing Wall" is dedicated to one of the most famous and mysterious monuments of antiquity - Jerusalem's Wailing Wall, which is the remains of the once magnificent Temple in Jerusalem. Drawing on Jewish, Christian and Islamic sources, the author not only introduces the reader to the history of the Western Wall and associated legends, but also tries to penetrate its mystical secrets, to explain why throughout human history, different nations have tried to master this place, as well as why it remains the focus of humanity and in our days.

The book is intended for a wide range of fans of the historical and theological literature.


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