Selected Comments on Torah by Abarbanel

Author: Abarbanel, Yitzhak, r.



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Catalog number: 01128000
Year: 2012
Pages: 118
Weight: 0.15 kgs
Compiled by: Levin, Daniel
Editor: Fainshtein, Chana
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 15x1x21


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The book you hold in your hands - it is rare for Russian readers the opportunity to experience one of the most interesting comments on the Torah. Commentary written by a man who combined wisdom of the Torah with a broad knowledge of contemporary science. Rabbi, who not only was the head of the Jewish community, but also enjoyed great political influence at the court of the greatest monarchs of the time. Stunning knowledge Rabbi Yitzchak Abarbanel in the Torah, along with his uncompromising search for the most simple and close to the text explanation, make it quite unique comment. On the one hand, his work - this is a real encyclopedia of Torah commentaries. On the other, it is a very interesting and original point of view, not only to the text of the Torah, but also in its essence.

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