Selected Writings

јвтор: Rambam

»здательство: Lechaim


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Ќомер по каталогу: 03197000
√од издани€: 2011
Cтраниц: 688
ISBN: 978-5-9953-0965-2
Weight: 0.83 kgs
Translated by: Levinov, Meir; Nechipurenko, Viktor
Editor: Gutgarts, Marina
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 16x4x22


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This edition includes a diverse enough work. It includes the most famous big message of Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (Maimonides) - "Message of the persecution," "Epistle to Yemen" and "The message of the resurrection of the dead," and the most important of these little messages and jurisprudential Rambam's responsa. In addition, this volume includes youthful Rambam treatise on logic and excerpts from his medical writings over the years.


Preface to the Russian edition of 7
M. Levine. Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon ibn Abdullah al-Cordova 10


The message of the persecution of 67
Epistle to Yemen, 121
The message of the resurrection of the dead 217


Message of redemption of captives 281
Farewell letter to his brother Rabbi David 289
The answer is the number of commandments Tzur 290
The message to the judge Rabbi Japheth 294
Reply Rabbi Obadiah the proselyte-300
Message from Rabbi Yosef ben Yehuda (preface to the sea nevuhim) 315
A fragment of the message of Rabbi Yosef to study the Mishnah Torah 318
A fragment of the message of Rabbi Yosef random vicissitudes of life 321
From the message of Rabbi Yosef ben Yehuda over the differences with the head of the yeshiva 324
Rabbi Yosef response to a question about the designated term of life 340
Reply to Babylon of embroidery verses from the Torah on naughty 348
The message Yosef Ibn Jabir 354
Another message of Rabbi Yosef about the differences [with the head of the yeshiva] 368
A fragment of the message of Rabbi Yosef son of Rabbi Avraham 371
Reply to Aram-Tsovu about songs and wine ishmaelitov 372
The message to the judge Rabbi Pinchas 377
Message from Rabbi Pinchas judge of the court decision 399
Message from Rabbi judge Anatoli-401
From the response of Rabbi judge Anatoli-406
Message from the wise judgment of Montpellier stars 408
The message with the answers of Rabbi Jonathan ha-Kohen of Lunel and his companions 429
Message from Rabbi Shmuel ibn Tibon on translation Sea nevuhim 441
Message from the community Lunel 456
Reply Rabbi Saadi, the son of Rabbi Berachot on the issue of establishing a repetition of prayer 460
Answers to questions about the sanctity of prayer and the power of custom 464
Answers about the Karaites and heretics 480
Answers to questions about the doctrine in relation to the laws of family law 485
Answers to questions about the sanctity of the Torah and of respect for students of its 492
Answers about the procedure and principles of the Mishneh Torah, 500
Reply Rabbi Saadi, the son of Rabbi Brachot, the question of Shiur coma 508


Logical Art 513
Introduction to the Commentary to the "Aphorisms" of Hippocrates, 559
An excerpt from the 25th chapter of the book
"Medical Aphorisms Moses' 566
Healthy lifestyle 586


M. Levine. Message of the Rambam. Bibliographical survey of 629
Glossary 542
Alphabetical name index 667

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