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Номер по каталогу: 04029000
Год издания: 2011
Cтраниц: 332
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Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 17x3x24


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.The laws of the Sabbath for the whole family. Popular presentation byweekly for a complete year.

Translation of the popular Hebrew edition, which in simple terms outlined Sabbath laws. The book is divided into weekly chapters, that the whole family can learn the laws at Sabbath table. In this volume are the laws of candle lighting, preparing for Saturday, Kiddush, meals, and the completion of Saturday avdala. The book has also a blessing after the meal for ashkenazkih and Sephardic Jews (including transliteration), the songs on Saturday and on Saturdays out.

Foreword to the publication of translation

We offer you a Russian translation of the first volume of the collection of the laws of Shabbat, a Hebrew in "Meorot Ashabat" (מאורות השבת).

The original, which enjoys the unusually high demand Israel-virus is arranged as follows: Each year, the laws are related to certain topics sabbatical. In the first year of publication, so those were Mami, "lighting candles", "kiddush," meal "," completion of the Sabbath-you "(they make up the content of this book.)

In this case, the book is divided into weekly sections of the Torah so that a Jewish family had the opportunity to read for the Shabbat table a certain passage.

The Israelis are reading these passages for several years. For each Saturday are two passages: one for reading during the evening meal, the second - during the morning meal. Read any passage lasts several minutes, after which these laws can be discussed. Since Jews do not just spend a pleasant time for a table full of festive food, not only sing the wonderful Shabbat songs - but also learn.

Reading a book a week Sukkot begins and lasts for a year.

Important notes and observations we present in the form of footnotes of each page. A more in-depth explanations and links to sources are given at the end of the book without translation, ie in Hebrew [to them indicates the numbering in square brackets].

The second part of this book is a collection of Saturday's texts, which includes songs that are sung for the Shabbat table, praying Islands "Birkat Amazon" in two versions - for Ashkenazi and Sephardic s-Reev; Kiddush - evening and morning, and Awdal.

All these texts are given in the original and in translation as well as in co-spending transliteration (when the Jewish reading of the text Zaphod-sated Russian letters).

We welcome all your comments and corrections!

The following year plan - with God's help! - To continue our publication. The next step - the laws of Shabbat cooking.

Shabbat Shalom!

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