Shabbath Zmiroth

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√од издани€: 1992
Cтраниц: 79
ISBN: 5-87180-014-9
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Compiled by: Grinberg, M.
Language: Russian, Hebrew
Cover: paperback
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Brochure with songs

Jewish songs TRADITION

Once the cantor in the synagogue tzaddik Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev hoarse. Tzadik said:
-How did you become hoarse?
Cantor replied:
-It's because I have prayed before the pulpit.
-It's right - said the Rabbi, - one who prays in front of the pulpit, will lose his voice, but the one who prays before Gd alive, he did not ohripnet.
Shabbat songs - Zmirot - a continuation of our prayers. They do - prayer, filled with Jewish spirituality, hope and gratitude, are an integral part of Jewish joy - Simcha.
Among the founders of Zmirot we see the names of the greatest sages of our nation throughout its long history - Halacha experts, commentators of the sacred texts, philosophers, and tzaddikim: Rabbi Elazar Akalir, p. Yehuda Halevy, p. Abraham Ibn Ezra, p. Isaac Luria (Gaara akadosh), Rabbi Aharon of Karlin and others. They have created a wonderful poetic creations, expressing his admiration for the great deeds of the Creator and his faith in His mercy. Poetic inspiration of authors expressed Sabbath songs of the traditional symbols of the Jewish world and direct borrowings from the texts of the Bible, the Talmud, and interpretations of laws - thus they affect the emotions and the intellect and allow a Jew to express in song their thoughts and feelings to the fullest.
The song "Lexa Dodi" marks in the synagogue before the evening prayer. "Shalom Aleichem" - on his return from the synagogue. Most Zmirot intended for execution during Saturday's feasts - seudot, which relies to three for the holiday. And if the Jewish dining table - this is the altar, as taught by our sages, the hymns of praise, the heave offerings of your meal - a continuation of prayer and soul of our eyes turned skyward. You can sing alone or as a family, but you should be aware that we fill the content of the songs of their faith, prayer, joy and delight.
We hope that this little booklet will help thousands of Jewish families to express what is proclaimed by King David, the author of the Psalms: "I will sing to Gd, while I live, I will exalt my Gd, yet exist. So be nice to him, I have spoken ! And I rejoice with Gd "(Psalms 104:33-34).


The Jewish tradition of performing songs Yedid iefesh Lekha Dodi Shalom Aleichem
"Kiddush", performed on Saturday night
"Kiddush", performed on Saturday morning
I Ribon Alam
Yom sabbatical
Mnuha vesimha
Baruch El Elyon
Yom ze mehubad
Dror yikra
[Lady nafshi
Ma yedidug mnuhateh
Tzur Michelle ahalnu
Shire amaalot
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What is the Jewish Sabbath?

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