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Номер по каталогу: 04124008
Год издания: 1993
Cтраниц: 56
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Language: Russian, Hebrew
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This booklet about the holiday of Shavuot, the department produced "Aman", says the sacred day of the Torah, when God Himself called the children of Israel keep the commandments in full faith, goodness and justice, and to live my life according to the Torah, testifying to his life and his destiny on power, love and mercy of God and turning, thus all the people to the truth. Days of purification and consecration that preceded the revelation at Mount Sinai, hast prepared hundreds of thousands of our ancestors to the reverent sense of who his love freed them from Egyptian bondage.
Shavuot is also the day of harvest, the first fruits of the day and the day of acceptance of the Jewish law maovityankoy Ruth, who captured him and a deep feature of trust, love and devotion, opens all people the opportunity to take God's commandments in the foundation of his life.
The extraordinary depth of age-old feelings and experiences of the Jewish soul as a living unity held together by two words, uttered by our ancestors at the foot of Sinai, "Naase" - "we will execute" and "venishma" - "we will obey."
And today, in accordance with the opinion of our sages, we should feel as if standing at the foot of Sinai and receiving from God His two Tablets of the Covenant, because, as stated in the Yalkut Shimoni, - [vault haggadic interpretations of Scripture]: "Holy One said Israel: "My children! Read this chapter annually [the Revelation at Mount Sinai mine] and I set off to you, as if you yourself stood at Mount Sinai and took my teaching, because it is written in the present day they arrived in the Sinai desert. "
The man is unable to comprehend and absorb it all at once the truth, but the two words spoken by our ancestors at Sinai gives us to understand that the simultaneous execution of two vows able to elevate and sanctify our lives.
Let the eye of our lives and our deeds will always be the sanctification of His Name.


I Shavuot
In the Pentateuch
Moshe Barsella
Shavuot-the feast of harvest, the holiday "First Fruits"
holiday "Weeks", the holiday of receiving the Torah
Rabbi Shlomo Goren
The joy of the natural material and spiritual
Prof. M. Klausner
The greatness and holiness of the Feast of Shavuot
Feast II receiving the Torah
In the Pentateuch
In the Talmud and the Midrashim
Prof. D. Hoffman
Shavuot - the holiday of receiving the Torah
The study of Torah ["Mishneh Torah" section
Talmud Torah]
Execution Commandments [extracts from the Talmud
and rabbinic literature]
Chaim Nachman Bialik
"If you want to know that spring"
Uri Zvi Greenberg
By the holiday of Shavuot
Paul Goldstein
Life in the spirit of the Torah
Leo Tolstoy
What is a Jew?
Feast of First Fruits III
In the Pentateuch
The Mishnah
Book of Ruth [with parallel text in Hebrew and

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