јвтор: Frank, Anna

»здательство: Text



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Ќомер по каталогу: 12194200
√од издани€: 2010
Cтраниц: 346
ISBN: 978-5-7516-0912-2
Weight: 0.38 kgs
Translated by: S. Belokrinitskaya, M. Novikova
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 14x2x21


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Anne Frank kept a diary from 12 June 1942 until 1 August 1944. First, she wrote her letters only for myself - until the spring of 1944, when she heard on the radio "Oranje" Bolkesteyna speech, Minister of Education in the Netherlands government in exile. The Minister said that after the war, all the evidence of the suffering people of the Netherlands during the German occupation must be collected and published. For example, among other evidence, he called diaries. Impressed by this speech after the war, Anne decided to publish the book, the basis of which was to serve her diary.
She began to rewrite and refine his diary, made changes, delete passages that seemed to her not very interesting, and has added more memory. At the same time she continued to run and the original diary, which in a scientific publication in 1986 called the version "a", in contrast to the version of "b" - processed, the second diary. Anne's last entry was dated August 1, 1944 August 4 hiding eight people arrested Green police.
On the same day Lios Heath and Bep Foskeyl hidden recording of Anna. Lios Heath kept them in a drawer of his desk, and when finally it became clear that Anna is dead, she gave the diary, do not read it, Otto X. Frank, Anne's father.
Otto Frank, after much deliberation decided to do the will of his late daughter and to publish its record in book form.

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