Shma. Spirituality and Low in Judaism

Автор: Lamm, Norman

Издательство: Am Asefer


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Номер по каталогу: 03099000
Год издания: 2005
Cтраниц: 154
Weight: 0.20 kgs
Translated by: Spinadel, G.
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 14x1x21


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The author analyzes one of the most important Jewish prayer - "Shema Yisrael", considering it as the most vivid expression of the Jewish world.

This work began a series of lectures at Yeshiva Univer-City in 1992-1993. I tried to teach my students that they intuitively sensed. And wanted them to realize the role of the spiritual aspect of Judaism, multilateral and fruitful relationship between spirituality and halacha (Jewish law) on the example of a detailed analysis of the Shema Yisrael.
Another objective of the seminar and the book - a comment on the Shema. I hope that my students use it to help others to read the Shema meaningful and inspired. And for those who are still outside the tradition, he will reveal the depth and grandeur of the Shema - this simple and eloquent testimony of the Jewish faith in the unity of God.
Later, I added material to these lectures and accents, in general, did his best to turn the spoken word into written text, according to its laws. My students, the students cheered and supported me in this work, I hope it will be appreciated by my readers, and, most importantly, it will find favor in the eyes of the One whose unity we proclaim three times a day, the words Shema Yisrael.
1. Spirit of the Law and the Shema
2. Listen, listen and listen
3. Israel: the people or the people?
4. The L-rd is our God - Names indicate differences
5. Gd - One: the eschatological interpretation
6. God - One: It All, and he only
7. God - One: cabalistic interpretation
8. One and Modern Science
9. Blessed be the Name of His glorious kingdom forever
Part II: The second sentence
10. Rambam on "Love"
11. Maharal of "Love"
12. R. Shneur Zalman of "Love"
13. R. Tzadok Hacohen of Lublin on "Love"
14. R. Shmuel David Luzzatto about 'Love'
15. Does God need our love?
Part III Phrases 3-6
16. With all your heart and soul, struggling
17. The Torah, the heart and Education
18. A brief analysis of the halachic Shema
19. For Notes

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