Small Jewish Anthology

јвтор: Gurfinkel, Frima

»здательство: Gesher Ha-Tshuva


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Ќомер по каталогу: 04198000
√од издани€: 1993
Cтраниц: 248
Weight: 0.30 kgs
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 13x2x18


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We offer you the anthology does not purport to be complete and comprehensive. The first and subsequent releases provide readers with a number of areas of Jewish literary heritage, from ancient and fundamental to the samples, including the philosophy and ethics, mysticism, historiography, ethical wills, prayer, legend and parable, until the creation of modern Jewish thinkers. A number of other important areas will be no lighted or marked due to the specific material. As far as selecting text, it should be noted that the absence of a particular author in the anthology does not mean that his work is not important for the understanding of Judaism or one of its directions.

Our anthology, the first of its kind in Russian, aims to serve as an initial introduction to the subject and touch the values ​​in which the reader, perhaps, learn a long time he is close.


Tanakh (selected chapters)
The Haggadah (Midrash)
Philo of Alexandria
On the Ten Commandments
Rabbi Saadia ben Yosef Gaon (RaSaG)
Beliefs and attitudes (Chapter 4)
Rabbi Yehuda Ben-Shmuel Levi and (Rial)
Khazar (Part II, 28 - 50)
Rabbeinu Moshe ben Maimon (Rambam)
Deuteronomy. laws concerning
idolatry (chapter 1)
Interpretation of the Mishna.
The preface to the chapter "Helek"
Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman (Ramban)
D'rash of a new year
Book Manual (selected chapters)
Rabbi Yosef Albo
The book is of fundamental principles (Part IV, Chapter 13)
Rabbi Judah Loew ben Betsal'el (Ma & RAL) from Prague
Eternity of Israel (chapter 14)
Way of life
Rabbi Moshe Chaim Lutsato (RaMHaL)
Path of the upright (foreword author)
Way of the Lord (Part I, Chapter 2, 3)
Rabbi Yaakov Kranz (Dubno Maggid)
Proverbs Yaakova



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