Stop Crying

јвтор: Arush, Shalom, r.

»здательство: Mosdot Chut Shel Chessed


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Ќомер по каталогу: 17080000
√од издани€: 2014
Weight: 0.10 kgs
Editor: Edelshtein, Yehuda, r.
Language: Russian
Format: 13x1x13


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Want to be happy? Stop being unhappy!
Audio lesson of Rabbi Shalom Arush
(Translation and dubbing in Russian -rav Yehuda Edelstein)

If you really want to become schaslivym carefully listen to this lesson and start acting!

Nothing angers Creator more than futile whining. Whenever I recall the sin of the spies, when all the people sinned vain cry, and the Almighty has set for them on this day mourning for all generations, I shudder again and again. I say to God: Lord of the world, I believe with perfect faith that you - is just and right, and all thy works - true. But I do not understand: is it at a time when the children of Israel cried in vain, they rely so terrible punishment? Crying in all generations? Both Temples were destroyed, millions of Jews died in a horrible death in the cruel torments, the attacks and other troubles, problems with the world of violence and serious illnesses. God save us - and all this for a sin crying in vain?! What have they done in the end?Cried a bit! Not committed adultery, not to worship idols - just ached. So what? And for this - crying at all times? In the entire Torah is no such bitter punishment, even a millionth of that!
But of all these bitter issues and answer follows: in fact the Almighty revealed to us that the most hated him for sin - it is ingratitude! Whining! Any other offense arbitrarily terrible and even malicious, accepted by God quite differently. God knows that a person has a bad start, embodied in the passion - it's too bad, but it does not go to any comparison with evil ingratitude. After all the good that G-d does to a man - gives life, showering his blessings, pulls him out of the gutter, from garbage, from slavery. After all these years, filled with rescue and relief - a man dares to complain ?! In vain ?! Gd is saying: We need to teach them that there is nothing worse than whining. Therefore, He shows us that the punishment for vain whining - the most serious of the existing ones.

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