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This booklet is dedicated to the holiday of Sukkot. The Torah says: "Celebrate this holiday to the Lord seven days in the year it is a law for ever in your generations - in the seventh month. In booths (sukkot) live seven days. All the natives of Israel shall dwell in booths. In order to know your generation that dwell in booths I made the children of Israel, when I brought them out of the land of Egypt "(Leviticus 23, 40,41,42,43).
Observe the Torah about the holidays, so - stay in a special world of the pious zhiznepovedeniya. The order of the holiday of Sukkot speaks for itself. It appeals to all the children of Israel go out in these days of Sukkot of permanent housing, "so do not magnify your heart" in order to remember everyone that pre-eternal God, the Creator of the world, sent his blessing to each of us was on a moral level, with which becomes apparent that it is not "my strength and might of my hand gave me this wealth, and because of this I am even more in these days of Sukkot should feel a connection to the time when my ancestors roamed the desert and lived in booths."
The drafters of the materials collected in full compliance with the name of brochures and it does not have a single article, as it were, standing apart from the others, and they are separated by only a different authorship.
We hope that this booklet will help which began today among the Jews, speaking in Russian, the revival of interest in the teachings of our holy and sacred traditions of our people.


Paul Goldstein Foreword ..........
Moshe Barsella ......... Sukkot
Torah for the holiday of Sukkot (Laws and Customs)
Sukkot (of the Bible
Hail ... And my holiday (from the spiritual treasures of our sages)
Amotz Cohen .... Sukkot is a holiday cleaning
Thoughts and ideas in the book of Ecclesiastes
Dr. S. Safran. . Sukkot in Jerusalem during
the time of the Second Temple
Letters to the Bar Kochba
The value of the law of the four kinds of plants and fruits
Shmuel Haggai. . The prayer for rain during the holidays
Prayer for rain (medieval Piute) N. Zohar ...... explanations for prayer for rain
Dr. Jacob Rothschild. The methods of making holiday
bypass and prayers during the holiday
Simchat Torah in Babylon
Chaim Nachman Bialik ... In a foreign country (for the holiday of Sukkot)
Sukkot and Simchat Torah in Jewish visual arts
Hataney duty-holders of the Torah
Invitation for Children to the Torah on Simchat Torah
Walking with a scroll of the Torah around the pulpit on the holiday of Simchat Torah (Hakafa)
Elie Wiesel ........... Silent Jews
Letters from the Front students of religious

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