Sunrise of Rabinovich

јвтор: Hovkin, Ezra

»здательство: Lev Shomea



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Ќомер по каталогу: 04074000
√од издани€: 2005
Cтраниц: 136
Weight: 0.36 kgs
Compiled by: Hovkin, Ezra
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 21x1x21


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. Life is funny - even sing, even howling. Flying into Israel, Rabinovich engineer was afraid that would be homesick for his native Moscow suburbs, Transnistria, Bashtanov fountain. But it turned out that many of the parameters of the motherland, mother and stepmother, charming country are the same. Naughty poverty that followed us into the "scoop", develops an even greater rate in Karmiel and Arad. True, there are many apartments that are in Russia and never dreamed of. But now we are paying mashkantu (payment for housing) that dream every night.

Lisp lecturer on scientific atheism changed ruddy guys who are used to losing honor of his youth, scorching a slingshot in a portrait of his grandfather, a rabbi. Juicy lip rounding, they are standing up for the rights of the pig and squid. And the descendants of chieftains and Bendera (grandchild-in-law Rosalie Aronovna) rightly complain that life is not present - the terms of the Jews ...

And that's about it. My friend, a simple soul and sturdy body Jew from Vilnius, in response to the assaults and friendly chokehold workmates answered unequivocally: "I - Jew? Then I will live!"

We Jews have to survive, unraveling the latest puzzle that God put forth to us before the arrival of Moshiach. For this we need to stay in a cheerful and even jovial state of mind. Holy Rabbi Yisroel Baal Shem Tov said: "Sadness - it's not a sin, but it is the worst of all sins. Man who succumbed to sadness, capable of any crime ..."

But we do not give in, we will stubbornly settle the Holy Land and happy to do the will of the Creator. And here to help us - a multi-volume edition of Jewish jokes, Byley, anecdotes, united by a common hero, who is known to all. It's a lot of time booing, who was fired and rightly condemned unsinkable man-cruiser Rabinowitz.

The book includes almost golden age of the town - 19th century. You will hear a visual and fun of the famous Herschel and visit the Council of Chelm sages. Hasidic glass also will not pass your lips. And to "Lita" were not offended, they played a major place in the "Grandfather points."

And the anti-Semites? Forget about them? No! In the last section of "Secrets of Purim," they will hang between heaven and earth. And the Jews, that is, the Jews, they actively help in this.

 Our characters are very different. It is wise, shoemakers, rabbis, balagoly, swindlers, the righteous - in short, the entire Jewish relatives. They are united by a single property: the belief in a Creator. So it should be a person of Jewish origin, if you want to save that person.

The problem
- Samuel, I'm ashamed for you! We purchased two of roach and you, as always, the biggest zahapat! ..
- And you would Pinya what took?
- Of course, the one that is smaller.
- Well, you have it. Rui!

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