Talmud: its history and content. What is Shulkhan Aruch

Author: Pereferkovich, Nechenia

Publishing House: Jewish Book



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Catalog number: 02054008
Year: 2010
Pages: 536
ISBN: 978-5-203-02809-6
Weight: 0.69 kgs
Editor: Gorodetsky, L.
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 17x3x23


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In additional volume of the multivolume edition "Talmud" the reader will find the necessary information for navigation in « the sea of the Talmud ». For the first time reprinting in modern spelling of known works about the Talmud and Shulkhan Aruch were published in the end of XIX century by St.Petersburg' orientalist N.Pereferkovich and became a rare book. To the oresented text necessary corrections and notes are made. Besides the glossary of terms, names and realities of the Talmud is included in « additional volume », helping the reader to plunge into an atmosphere Jewish « talmudic civilizations » and it is better to understand technics of midrash and original « talmudic logic » of the text in other 7 volumes of Talmud.

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