Talmud: Pirke Avot. Avot de Rabbi Nathan

Publishing House: Gesharim



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Catalog number: 02068000
Year: 2011
Pages: 328
ISBN: 978-5-93873-323-3
Weight: 0.61 kgs
Translated by: Pereferkovich, N.
Editor: Kipervasser, Reuven
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 18x2x22


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This edition presents two Talmud: Pirke Avot and Avot de Rabbi Nathan (two versions). Pirkei Avot - the only treatises Mishnah, which contains no halachic judgments, but only cautionary statements 63 Zion-Tana. In traditional Jewish learning is a popular treatise, which was included in the prayer books to read on Saturdays, and many expressions of it have become proverbs. This treatise - an important source for the study of Talmudic thought and Jewish theology in general, it articulated the fundamental concepts of nature and human nature. Avot de Rabbi Nathan - a collection of aphorisms, explanations and stories attributed to the Tanana, the content and structure closely related to Pirkei Avot. This treatise was formed in posttalmudicheskuyu era and came to us in two versions, the second of which was discovered in the XIX century. Translations of treatises, carried out in the beginning of last century, N. Pereferkovichem, in our edition is published in substantially revised and commented version, prepared by Dr. Reuven Kipervasser.


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