Tasty Fishes of Israel

Автор: Chernitsky, A.

Издательство: Isradon



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Номер по каталогу: 08048000
Год издания: 2009
Cтраниц: 176
ISBN: 978-5-94467-075-5
Weight: 0.23 kgs
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 15x1x20


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You will find data on those fishes that can be eaten in Israel. Russian, Hebrew, English and latin names of fishes are given. You will find an extensive information on every fish: what is it, where from, how it looks and how it can be eaten with the greatest pleasure. Also on pages of the book the chief-cook of restaurant " Palamida " Roman Blay shares recipes of various fish viands from his collection.

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from the author
Foreword writer of poetry and deli
Why do Jews love fish
About Latin, Russian and Hebrew names of fish
Fishes of Israel in Numbers
Quadrilingual list of tasty fish Israel
Solomon - royal fish
Roots of salmon
Recipe for white fish
Endemic in soybean oil
St. Peter's fish
longhorn Kinneret
Storm scow
slandered barracuda
Sword , kosher conditionally
Groupers today and yesterday
Perch in Hebrew
Australian perch on your desk
Sunfish from Florida
Eat them while they are not grown
Flounder for weekdays and for holidays
Sole : a dog , and a fake kosoryly
delicious drummers
Leschikov - carp
The most delicious fish
Mackerel and her family
Between mackerel and tuna
democratic fish
Of horse mackerel and tyrant to spinning and amberjack
fillet of Emperor
Delicacy of Sultan Ibrahim
Communist with a strong odor
Most Jewish fish
Seledkin relatives
Well -bred carp
Marine donkey on the arms of Murmansk
Whitefish cousin
Nostalgia with hake
Another goldfish
Krysohvosty grenadier
Moyava , kosher le Pesach
Yascherogolov from the country of Ophir
Check for yourself
Kosher Vietnamese dolphin
About roach and roach
Send for fish
(a few helpful tips instead of the conclusion Index
Russian and Hebrew names of fish
Latin and English names of fish


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