Tehillim. Psalms in Verses

јвтор: Bangyev, Robert


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Ќомер по каталогу: 01081301
√од издани€: 2014
Cтраниц: 574
ISBN: 9789657093542
Weight: 1.06 kgs
Language: Russian, Hebrew
Cover: hardcover
Format: 18x4x24


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The book is written by a highly professional and extremely elegant. The author captures the essence of the Psalms in full compliance with the original text . Statement of Psalms available for understanding the ancient sacred songs . The author's goal is simple: to bring to the reader the meaning of each verse of the Psalm in a coherent form, make him feel that these words in reference to Gd proceed as if from his own heart .

In the book you can see the manifestation of the love of an unusually lofty warehouse letter of Scripture , to the personality of King David to the high word in poetry and prose . At the same time, it expressed love for readers , especially for lovers of poetry , the desire to facilitate the perception of the text of the Psalms .

To acquire such a lovely style of presentation , the author worked for many years. And all in order to bring great benefit to people . Closer to the sacred Hebrew sources our Russian-speaking Jewish brothers who immigrated to Israel from various regions of the former Soviet Union - Central Asia, Russia , the Caucasus , - he tried to expand their circle be .

I am familiar with the author, with sincerity of his desires , purity and nobility of his intentions - to attach dear to his heart tribesmen to our ancestors, to the Divine revelation .

The author in his book devotes much attention to topics of Jewish scripture sublime morality , kindness, acts of God.

I think that the book R. Bangieva "Tehillim in a poetic presentation " should be in the home of every Jew . I'm sure she , like his previous works , will benefit greatly and will find sympathy and love in the hearts of the Jewish people. Hopefully the name of King David will protect and lead to speedy deliverance from the forces of evil and the author , and all Jews. Yes it be done today. Amen !

The undersigned reverent admirer of Torah
Spruce Hill ben Menachem Chaim
first secretary
Unions rabbinates Bukharan community
at the World Congress of Bukharan Jews .


Amner Catania.
monumental work
From the author. sign from above
Tehillim . Psalms in verse
Book- 1 ( 1-41 )
Book- 2 ( 42-72 )
Book- 3 ( 73-89 )
Book -4 (90-106)
Book- 5 ( 107-150 )
Appendix 1 . Concise Dictionary
Appendix 2. About King David
Annex 3. About the Psalms
Appendix 4 - . About music Psalms
Appendix 5. Necessary additions to the author, or on the stage directions in the Psalms

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