At The Beginning... Biblical Creation and Science

Автор: Aviezer, Natan

Издательство: Ktav Publishing House


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Номер по каталогу: 03126000
Год издания: 1999
Cтраниц: 191
ISBN: 0-88125-328-6
Weight: 0.41 kgs
Translated by: Viner, Yulia
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 16x2x24


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By studying the first chapter of Genesis, people usually do not tend to understand written it literally. This approach to the text is not surprising. Having even a small understanding of science, it must be noted that between the "facts" as they understand the science, and the "facts" as they appear to us in a literal reading of Genesis, there is, apparently, a lot of contradictions.

On these pages, we wonder whether it is possible to consider the first chapter of Genesis, as a record of events that actually took place in the past? To answer this question, we perform a detailed comparison of the biblical text and data of modern science. This analysis shows that, contrary to popular belief, many places of the Biblical story strikingly correspond to the latest discoveries in the fields of science such as cosmology, astronomy, geology, paleontology, anthropology and archeology.

As is well known, in all these sciences have recently experienced a significant, sometimes dramatic progress. However, few people aware of the profound impact of these new-found knowledge may have on our understanding of the first chapter of Genesis. This is the main thesis of this monograph: modern science has given us a unique opportunity for a fresh, in-depth understanding of the many places to read the biblical text that would otherwise seem mysterious. Science today is not only not opposed to the Book of Genesis, but has become an essential tool for understanding


Foreword (Professor Cyril Domb)
DAY ONE: The Origin of the Universe
DAY TWO: the Solar System
DAY THREE: The emergence of terrestrial plants and
DAY FOUR: The seasons, days and years
DAY FIVE (Part I): Evolution
DAY FIVE (part II): The Origin of Life
DAY FIVE (PART III): Animal World
SIXTH DAY (PART I): The uniqueness of human
DAY SIX (part II): Man as the crown of creation
AFTER SIX DAYS: The early period of human history

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