The Jerusalem fairy tale about princess, a corner stone and many other things

Автор: Shurucht, Yulia; Vogman, Elisha

Издательство: Gesharim


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Номер по каталогу: 14031000
Год издания: 2005
Cтраниц: 79
ISBN: 5-93273-209-1
Weight: 0.41 kgs
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 21x1x27


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Rabbi Nachman from Bratslav, before to begin his first fairy tale story, has told: « In all fairy tales that been told in the world, there is a set of secrets, a lot of high and incomprehensible. But tainted fairy tales because much in them does not suffice. In addition they were mixed and told not under the order, the beginning tell in the end and on the contrary, and so in all. But it is valid, in all fairy tales that are out there, there are great and raised secrets »... Since ancient times it is accepted to speak about Divine secrets allegories, parables and riddles, and open the secrets of the Doctrine - treasures imperial - in set of various clothes... So, the Imperial daughter name Shchina - presence of the God, and all community of Israel. Exile Shchina, her separation from the Beloved is compared to loss of Princess. To return her from Exile to which she has been doomed even before creation of the world, was a task of the First person - he should correct all this world and all the Supreme Worlds. But Adam on imprudence has eaten from the Tree of Knowledge and as a result has even more spoiled that should correct. And then has fallen Shchina still below, up to a residence of the Harm. Then Noy wished to correct the world, but also it has not turned out, because he has drink the wine and has got drunk...Since then in all generations rithteous persons aspire to return the world to perfection and will aspire to it up to the end of times when their work at last will come to the end. And not only rithteous persons - everyone, what person is, if aspires to the God, searches for the Imperial daughter to deduce her from Exile. Then Princess secretly comes from the depths and opens to it - to inform on where she stays and what it is necessary to find her.... We yet do not know, what is Gold mountain and the Pearl lock, and much in this history to us is not clear. Nevertheless all hints and images of this fairy tale - are true and opened to a looking eye... Wise if will wish, will hear, will understand and will continue this story.

Rabbi Nachman Shterlgertz
From the foreword to « Fantastic stories »
by rabbi Nachman from Bratzlav

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