This Year in Jerusalem. Pesach

Издательство: Machanaim



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Номер по каталогу: 02041002
Год издания: 1996
Cтраниц: 144
ISBN: 965-381-001-4
Weight: 0.26 kgs
Compiled by: Polonsky, Pinchas
Language: Russian, Hewrew
Cover: paperback
Format: 17x1x24



The manual to Paschal Seider and paschal Haggadah
Custom to arrange the Paschal Seider exists exactly as much, how many and jewish people. In any sense Ïåñàõ - Jews have started to mark our national birthday, and this feast with the creation of our people. We to it were obliged with a Torah, owing to and for the sake of which we exist: " Also tell to the son in this day, speaking: for the sake of it the Lord at an output my of Egypt " (has made to me Exod 13:8). Thus, the Seider - not simply deeply taken roots tradition, but a precept. The requirement to tell about Exod (and as speaks in the Haggadah to experience it again and again) - one of fundamental components of philosophy of Judaism.
The Haggadah does not have concrete author. Its structure follows logic of a Torah; the text basically was generated during an epoch of the Talmud. Later to the Haggadah verses and songs, various depending on time and a place were added.

Long since practised to translate the Haggadah on a local spoken language, to make it is more accessible, first of all to children. The first Russian translation has been made in 1870. translation brought to your attention does not apply for academism; we wished to give you such text which can be read through behind a today's Paschal table of the Russian-speaking Jew.

The book laying before you represents our attempt to help carrying out of the Seider and to explain the Haggadah to clear our contemporary language, not having deformed thus neither its spirit, nor the letter. Necessity of creation of a similar management for the first time has risen before the cultural-religious center "Machanaim" in 1979 when we have started to spend our first public Seiders in Moscow. At that time "Machanaim" was small group of the friends, tried to restore the lost communication with a spiritual legacy of jewish people. With accumulation of experience and development of our representations that such " a matter of the jewish life ", this book was supplemented and changed. With growth of our center and formation of the Jerusalem branch and publishing house " Machanaim " there was an opportunity to publish this book in a new wording in a normal kind, instead of in typewritten copies; and thus to help with carrying out of the Seider essentially more to the broad audience of readers, than before. Let's hope, that our long-term experience of employment and carrying out of the Seider in the USSR has allowed us to cope with this problem.

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