Through Memory to Expectation

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Ќомер по каталогу: 04025000
√од издани€: 1998
Cтраниц: 208
ISBN: 965 381 006 5
Weight: 0.24 kgs
Compiled by: Polonsky, Pinchas; Kitrossky, Miriam
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 14x1x21


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Tisha B'Av and the other days of national mourning Historical background of the destruction of the Temples The Book of Lamentations with a new translation and commentary Laws and customs.

1. General ideas and laws posts
1.1. Six days of fasting
1.2. The objectives of fasting
1.3. The laws of fasting
1.4. Post public and individual post
2. The history of the kingdoms of the death and destruction of the Temples
2.1. The religious significance of Jewish history
2.2. The destruction of the First Temple
2.2.1. Israel and the neighbors
2.2.2. The collapse of the kingdom
2.2.3. The death of the Northern Kingdom
2.2.4. The last kings of Judah
2.2.5. The siege of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple
2.2.6. The death of Gedaliah
2.3. The destruction of the Second Temple
2.3.1. The period of the Second Temple Judea and Rome
2.3.2. Before the uprising
2.3.3. Beginning of the uprising
2.3.4. Rebellion
2.3.5. The war and the defeat of the Jews
2.3.6. The Siege and Fall of Jerusalem
2.4. The value of the Temple
2.4.1. The conditions of existence Temple
2.4.2. The commandment to build a Temple
2.4.3. Why you need a temple?
2.4.4. Sacrifice
2.4.5. Temple and redemption
2.4.6. The end of the First Temple
2.4.7. The Second Temple
2.4.8. The Third Temple
3. Tenth of Tevet
3.1. Misfortune befell Israel in Tevet
3.2. Translation of seventy
4. Seventeenth of Tammuz
4.1. The Golden Calf: The text of the Torah and Commentary
4.2. The Golden Calf and idolatry in general
4.3. Other misfortunes 17th of Tammuz
5. Bein ha-Metsarim: from the 17th of Tammuz to the 9th of Av
6. Ninth of Av
6.1. The tragic events that fell on the 9th of Av
6.2. 9th of Av in the desert. The head of the spies: the text of the Torah and Commentary
6.3. Midrash of the destruction of the Temples
6.3.1. The First Temple
6.3.2. The Second Temple, hap-ha-Melech and Beitar
6.4. Why were destroyed Sanctuary?
6.5. The expulsion of the Jews from Spain
6.5.1. The Jewish community in Spain
6.5.2. Forced baptism and pogroms
6.5.3. Edict of expulsion
6.5.4. Exodus from Spain
6.6. The laws of the 9th of Av
6.6.1. The eve of the 9th of Av
6.6.2. Fasting the 9th of Av
6.6.3. Features prayers
6.6.4. Night after the 9th of Av
7. The memory of the destruction of the Temple
8. Yom pas Shoah (Holocaust Day)
9. "There will be home for the holidays Iepudy."
1. Book of Lamentations: Text and Commentary
2. About the translations of the Bible (excerpts from the article p. Dov-Ber Haskelevicha)
3. On the Meaning of the Holocaust (excerpts from the article r.Shlomo Avineri "Catastrophe and Geula")

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