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Ќомер по каталогу: 01002201
√од издани€: 1978
Cтраниц: 542
Weight: 0.59 kgs
Translated by: Yosifon, David
Language: Russian, Hewrew
Cover: hardcover
Format: 15x3x22


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Out of a sense of historical and national responsibility and a desire to give our fellow Olim Tanakh in its entirety and the beauty of it, the Ministry of Religions and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption Israeylskogo government about two years ago decided to publish a Mossad Harav Kook full text of the Tanach translated to Russian language, thus first performing edition of the complete translation of the Tanakh, the relevant text and spirit of the original.

By publishing a complete translation in Russian of the Tanakh were involved in translation, Tanakh and experts in various fields of science and language. Head of this group of Rabbi David Yosifon and working with him Rabbi Avraham Melamed and Officers carry out this work with enthusiasm and devotion, precisely and accurately. Before us - the first fruits of their labor and diligence. The first volume of the Pentateuch, published in the new Russian translation, in the opinion of experts is more accurate than all existing translations to other languages. In the book the original Hebrew text is arranged so that it is basically the same page with the translation.

Deserves special attention that the original text is checked against edits Masor Leningrad manuscript and Keter Aram Tsovy. This work was done by Rabbi Mordyhaem Breuer and published.

Has been translated to a certain extent and is of interpretation, since in those places where the verse may be incompetent incomprehensible to the reader, are given in parentheses brief interpretation, explaining the meaning.
Before this translation was given to the press, he was praised and appreciated by experts Tanakh, among whom was the late President of the State of Rabbi Yisrael Shneyur Zalman Shazar.

Blessing of workers and promoters of this great cause.
Let it be our labor to please everyone who sees it, and so will he a source of blessing to our brothers from Russia, returning to the bosom of his people and its ancient culture.

Yitzhak Rafael, the son of Rabbi Shemueyla Tsyvi, Minister of Religions

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