Torah. Small format

»здательство: Shamir


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Ќомер по каталогу: 01001500
√од издани€: 1996
Cтраниц: 960
ISBN: 965-293-046-6
Weight: 0.66 kgs
Translated by: Gil, P.
Editor: Branover, G.
Language: Russian, Hebrew
Cover: hardcover
Format: 14x5x18


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Torah with mirror translation Hebrew - Russian.

small format


 Book lying in front of you , the reader, not only is the foundation of the Jewish people and expresses the essence of the Jewish way of life, it is the foundation of the universe , it entered into a plan of Divine Creation and those "tools" with which Gd created the world .
 In the Jewish understanding of the Torah is much wider Five Books of Moses ( Chumash in Hebrew) : it consists of the Written Torah (Tanakh in Hebrew) , the Oral Torah (Mishnah , Talmud ) and numerous comments. The entire Torah written, oral, and comments were given Moshe ( Moses ) during the Sinai revelation more than 3300 years ago. Only complete acceptance , study and follow all instructions adequately Torah Judaism and the Jewish mission . Denial of the Divine origin or obligation of any of the constituent parts of the Torah Judaism replaces genuine , leads to one or another of an alien ideology , invented by people. Such ideology is usually short-lived and leads to assimilation of its adherents to their apostasy from the Jewish people . That is what happened in ancient times with the Karaites , as happens in the last century with all sorts of reformers.
 The basis of the whole of the Torah is the Chumash .
 All Chumash are read in synagogues throughout the year , so it is divided into weekly chapters in accordance with the number of weeks per year. In synagogues Chumash read handwriting on parchment scrolls . But the Jewish connection with this book is not limited to reading in the synagogue . He is obliged to examine every Chumash (and other parts of the Torah ) , and each week the head is divided into seven parts by the number of days a week to every day Jew could study the relevant passage .
 According to Jewish tradition Chumash not only learn from him all his shape the decisions and actions , the entire course of life. The word Torah means " instruction" , " " guide to action . "
 For a number of years, publishing " Shamir " working on the translation of the Pentateuch with a selection of classic comments . However, this work is so large and complex that it is far from the only print out the first two books of five . Completion of the whole work would likely require several more years the meantime, as it turned out , many Russian-speaking Jews , eager to join the Torah , and especially those that live in Russia , for lack of appeal to the Russian translation of the Bible in Russian , which , for all the apparent similarities Torah fundamentally differs from it , does not convey the true meaning of the original text and is unacceptable to the Jewish position .
 Given this, it was decided to publish a Russian translation of the five books of Chumash , without waiting for the translation comments . We have sought to ensure that the translation was very accurate and matched as closely as possible to the spirit of comments .
Prof. G. Branover

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