Torah Studies. Set of 3 volumes

јвтор: Shneerson, Menahem-Mendel, r.

»здательство: Lechaim



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Weight: 1.48 kgs
Compiled by: Sacks, Jonathan r.
Translated by: Lakshina, A.; Dobronitskii, T.; Nesterova A.
Editor: Gorin, B.
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 15x7x22


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Set of three volumes of Lubatch Rebe's conversations. This time Rebe's conversations under week chapters of a Torah are prepared. Conversations are adapted by the main rabbi of the Great Britain lord Ionatanom Sacks in which again and again themes of indissolubility of soul and-hectare, constant desire and an opportunity of Tshuva, unities of Jewish people, an inaccuracy of despair, a theme of light which is constantly making the way through darkness of history. These basic themes of Chassidus are a red string pass through doctrines of Rebe. The design of the conversation constructed in the form of questions and answers, promotions of arguments and statements of axioms, reflects essence of Chabbad: work of a brain defines our feelings, emotions and actions. The true seized by reason, then gets into heart. Comprehending the validity, we becoming ourselfs.

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