Torah With Comments by Abraham Ibn-Ezra. Bereshit

Автор: Avraham Ibn Ezra, r.

Издательство: Lechaim



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Номер по каталогу: 01016000
Год издания: 2014
Cтраниц: 480
ISBN: 978-5-9003-0997-2
Weight: 0.81 kgs
Translated by: Safronov, David; Gisser, Ishaya; Olman, Arye; Parijsky, Semen
Editor: Gutgarts, Maryna
Language: Russian, Hebrew
Cover: hardcover
Format: 17x3x25


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The Torah (Pentateuch) with commentary by Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra (1089-1164) with explanatory notes.

Guide to the publication

Translation - it's always a comment that represents their understanding of the original text. This is even more true for the translation of the Pentateuch. This publication is based on the translation of the Torah with Rashi's Commentary , published in Moscow publishing house " Lehaim " in 2009 translated text is aligned with the commentary of Ibn Ezra : these comments should translate fragments , open to interpretation . Ibn Ezra emphasizes the difficulties in understanding and apparent internal contradictions of the text is also reflected in the translation. It should be borne in mind that in some cases, Ibn Ezra in different commentaries understands verse differently, then translation of the verse should be one of these comments , and in another case may be driven somewhat different version . Hebrew text of the Torah should be verified modern editions.

Survived three different commentary on the Book of Genesis , the authorship of which belongs to Avraham Ibn Ezra . The first of these , written in Lucca after 1145 , covers all the books of the Pentateuch. A few years later , he moved first to Narbonne, Beziers and then he wrote the second comment to the book of Genesis , dividing it into two parts - " Grammar " and " meaning "; reached us only part of the comment about a third of the first book of Chumash . Still later, in London , a student of Ibn Ezra Yosef , son of Rabbi Yaakov of Morville , recorded meditation teacher about some parts of the first book of the Torah ( chapters 32-25 and 47-49) .

In this edition contains all the comments. On publication , they are identified as follows :
▼ - the first to comment ;
© - second comment , grammar ;
• - second comment , the meaning ;
■ - student comment .

These icons are used for references in the " Index of issues." Translation of the Pentateuch verse numbers marked with one or more icons , if these verses exist one or more comments . If Ibn Ezra has not commented on this verse , his number is not marked in any way .

Annotated comments that clarify the abstruse place or Russian reader unfamiliar concepts. These notes are marked with numbers ; numbering of footnotes in each weekly section begins anew. When ideas or concepts are repeated in two or more comments note is given only to the first of them ; unclear if the reader a certain place in the second or third comment , it should refer to the notes to the first.

Sometimes Ibn Ezra commented in detail a particular word , not where it is located in the text. In such cases, for the reader's convenience , we move a comment to explain the word .

About Commentators approach Avraham Ibn Ezra says Israel's largest paper researcher Prof. his work . Uriel Simon , "Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra - commentator and his readers ," which precedes the present volume .

Names and titles sages cited in the text comments and notes are explained in the " Index of authors " and " Index of books " at the end of the volume. The publication also accompanies " index order " and " Selected Bibliography ." 

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