Tormented Master

јвтор: Green, Arthur

»здательство: Gesharim



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Ќомер по каталогу: 03122000
√од издани€: 2007
Cтраниц: 467
ISBN: 978-965-7382-10-3
Weight: 0.80 kgs
Translated by: Yaglom, Menachem
Editor: Grinberg, Morgehai
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 18x3x23


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The life and teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. The most complete biography p. Nachman.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810) - one of the great Chassidic masters, the eternal wanderer, mystic and religious teacher, deep and paradoxical thinker, finally, the author of the amazing fairy tales. Without exploring this remarkable personality can not even come close to understanding the world of Hasidism.

Rabbi Nachman in his teaching reveals the incredible depth of the inner life and spiritual struggle of man. This tormented soul-searching teacher who knows the inner meaning as that grueling fight of faith and doubt, without which the full spiritual development, and holistic faith that underlies the relationship between man and God - perhaps one of the most original and controversial religious leaders in history humanity.

"Tormented Mentor" - the most complete biography of Rabbi Nachman. This book is an example of the special intimacy that sometimes arises between the biographer and his hero.

Table of contents

Menachem Jaglom
Opening of Breslov
Author's preface to the Russian edition
Chapter One
Childhood and early years
Chapter Two
Rabbi Nachman's journey to the Land of Israel
Chapter Three
Success and persecution
Chapter Four
Bratslav: Rebbe and Chassidim
Chapter Five
The messianic activity.
Chapter Six
Recent years
Death of Rabbi Nachman. . .
First application
Faith, doubt and reason
Second application
"Fairy stories»
Supplement Zvi Mark
Bratslav Hasidism
after the death of Rabbi Nachman
Reference materials
used in the notes
Transliteration rules
New sources and research Bratslav Hasidism (1980-2005)
Name Index

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