Trip. Or About Rabbi and His Only Son

Автор: Nahman from Braslav, rabi

Издательство: Breslov Research Institute



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Translated by: Perlov, Pinhas
Editor: Lesovoy, M.-E.
Language: Russian
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One of the stories told by Rabbi Nachman. with the commentary p. Erez Moshe Doron.

A fragment from the book:

About all this, he told his two young people ...
A person who sincerely wants to get a good, genuine advice, can find it only to those who can be called "young" for liveliness, young enthusiasm and freshness of their spiritual aspirations. Of course, the board may hear and take also from "inside yourself" is not yet grown old and petrified soul.
... And they advised him to go to recognized the righteous.
Why a righteous man? Do not ask for advice is usually the wise? This gives us an important principle of Rabbi Nachman, which has already been mentioned above: the wisdom without works is barren, and the price of it-penny. A light breeze can knock someone who has a similar kind of wisdom, because it has no roots in the support and practical affairs. Wisdom, which should appreciate and learn from it - it is the wisdom of practical cases, render a righteous man, that is, in human kind, noble, able to help oneself and one's neighbor.
Today, unfortunately, quite often we are seeing the opposite. A person with professional knowledge, academic status, or the gift of eloquence, instantly takes a high place in the social hierarchy. He is revered and considered his opinion, even of his personal qualities, he totally deserves it.
Professor in the Humanities can, as we have said, to read an impressive lecture on morality, even if it is wrong to his wife, obsessed with pride and Dodger in business operations - all this will not prevent him to be an important person in the eyes of the public, because he - Professor !
Is this approach to wisdom is not a perversion?
Wisdom - a tool in the hands of man. Those who use it wisely and properly, is worthy of respect. But the one who through him bring destruction to the world, for example, inventing new weapons, long-range guns and nuclear warheads - are worthy of respect if he, his works and all his "wisdom"?

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