Tsenah U-Renah. Bereshit

јвтор: Yakov Ben Yitzhak Ashkenazi from Yanov

»здательство: Gesharim



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Ќомер по каталогу: 01127001
√од издани€: 2012
Cтраниц: 474
ISBN: 978-5-93273-347-0
Weight: 0.82 kgs
Editor: Kotlerman, Ber Boris
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 17x3x22


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Tsena y-rena - a book for family reading, the most celebrated book in Yiddish. Title are the first words of the verse from the Song of Songs: "Stand up and see the daughter of Zion." Retelling the Torah (the Pentateuch) is interwoven with comments, many parables and tales drawn from the Midrashim, the Talmud and subsequent Jewish literature. Ease and simplicity of style, a unique sense of rhythm and penetration contributed to Tsena y-rena has become a popular folk book for family reading. She became a mistress of doom of the Jewish woman, her guide and mentor, introduced her to the traditions and faith of the people, with all the inner spiritual world Jewry. During a long series of generations, there was a Jewish home, where would be absent from Tsena-rena, and from it every Saturday a Jewish woman read aloud to their children about the great events of the past and the great teachings of the wise among the people of Israel.

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