јвтор: Hovkin, Ezra

»здательство: Chabad Youth Organization



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Ќомер по каталогу: 04069200
√од издани€: 1998
Cтраниц: 303
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Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 18x3x25


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« Rebe, counter to all... » So one of parts of the new book prepared by the Youth organization of Chassids HABAD refers to. The hero of the book - the head of generation, the spiritual leader of Jewry, the sixth Ljubavicher Rebe Josef-Itzhak Shneerson. Hhe becomes head HABAD in memorable for many 1920 when bolsheviks have solved, that godlessness and lawlessness have finally affirmed in territory of former Russian empire, that the Sky is blind also vessels is not present...

But always there are in our people the people, ready to stand up for-hectare up to the end, allocated by wisdom Avraam and heart of a lion. In the twentieth years them has organized, has headed and new head HABAD Josef-Itzhak Shneerson which really became Rebe counter to all has led: to shadowing, persecutions, arrest and the death sentence...

He stood away from red and white, from political strike. Rebe has headed struggle for the right to be the Jew and to observe orders of a Torah, not reckoning with that think of this in the Central Committee and GPU. This resistance included construction mikv, the organization underground hederov, the centralized payment of rabbis, shojhetov, teachers of a Torah. The spiritual elite helped Rebe to hold defense in territory of all Soviet Russia from Vitebsk up to Samarkand, were pupils eshivy « Tomhej Tmimim » which head he was. These young men with nepogasshej a spark in opinion of went in baked. They could not be stopped and intimidated. They were one of the few whom the infection of the Bolshevism has not found unawares. Owing to prophecy Ljubavichskih Rebe tmimim, that means « pure and integral », knew about this danger long before revolution and were going to meet a storm...

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