Verbs and verbal nouns, adjectives

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√од издани€: 1996
Cтраниц: 228
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Editor: Blyumin, Mark
Language: Russian, English, Herbew
Cover: paperback
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Here is a new manual, which contains over 5000 verbs, verbal nouns and adjectives. The words are arranged alphabetically and are equipped with Russian transcription.
Under the Hebrew verb is specified by writing the word translated into English. Verbs with prepositions are, with whom they are used. Near given root of the word.

Look inside the book

The second part gives an overview of methods for constructing each of binyanov and gives tables of verb conjugation for binyanam. In addition, after the table is a list of verbs belonging to this binyanu with the number of pages in the dictionary.
At the end of the book is an alphabetical index of all words in a dictionary.
Dictionary comfortable in their daily work and gives a clear idea about the features of conjugation of verbs in Hebrew.


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