Visualization of Kabbalah

јвтор: Gitik, Menachem-Michael



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√од издани€: 2009
Cтраниц: 118
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Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
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The originality of this edition with the promising title "Visualization of Kabbalah," in contrast to many other similar publications, is the explanation, then there is the availability of material. The author, in fact, argues with many stereotypes such as "Science of Kabbalah, the secret doctrine and so on. Even the word "Kabbalah", contrary to the established orthography, he wrote one letter "b". In his view, the main problem that arises in all, trying to study Kabala - her abstract and as a consequence - it is difficult to access. And how could it be otherwise, because it is the same - Servitude? How could it be otherwise, we're going to see on the pages of this netolstogo (not the least merit) benefits.


Part I. "From what disease cures Kabbalah?"

Chapter One. Idea!
Chapter Two. Border - the most extreme place
Chapter Three. Prepoyasyvanie loins
Chapter Four. "Happy Feet"

Part II. Kabbalah in the pictures or the "Stick, stick, ogurechik ..."

Chapter One. Four-formula of the Universe
Chapter Two. All binding letter vav
Chapter Three. "Point, point, comma ..."
Chapter Four. "Stick, stick, ogurechik ..."
Chapter Five. Put children on their feet
Chapter Six. "The result was a man!"

Part III. - Hey, teacher! -Hi, swot!

Chapter One. questions
Chapter Two. Responses and comments

Part IV. Kabbalah - the highest level of contact with the Torah

Chapter One. Ten, then Sephiroth?
Chapter Two. "Do not touch anything!" - Understanding. Chapter Three. "Do not touch anything!" - In the first place yourself!
Chapter Four. "Do not touch anything!" - At all!

Part V. app

Invitation to learning


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