Way of Life

Автор: Goldberg, Isay

Издательство: Shamir



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Год издания: 2007
Cтраниц: 358
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Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 11x2x19


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over the last few years every Saturday night I study Torah and Hasidism with Isay Goldberg . Our meetings this lessons and discussion of Hasidic stories , sometimes we touch any private halachic topics I'm doing at this moment. But what would we say, I always find a receptive listener Isae which almost intuitively grasping the ideas discussed , reacts outside the box, which makes any of our conversation interesting and useful for me. Furthermore , Isaiah shares with me his thoughts about how Yiddishkeit , and in connection with its research and achievements.

I met Isai long before they started our Saturday classes . It happened in a completely unbelievable circumstances , which I'm sure he eventually tells the world. For fifteen years I have watched as the man who was confronted with the Jews in a young age is not (at least , in the passport sense of the word) , returns to a life filled with Torah and Mitzvot . He was able to abandon the old vision of the world and discovered a completely new world , knowing life and the world to the Jewish , Hasidic perspective.

Some of the stories included in this book describe episodes in the life of the author, stated that the characteristic of Isaiah , in close connection with the Torah . Others reflect what was discussed during our meetings . But all the stories marked inimitable style of the author, who knows a secret brilliantly "compression" of what the attentive reader can easily verify . Let this book will inspire the reader to develop an even greater sense of taste and to Judaism , Hasidism and faith in the righteous , and let the author advances " from strength to strength " materially and spiritually , until the imminent coming of our righteous Moshiach .

Yoram Ulman chief rabbi of the Russian-speaking community in Sydney

"The world will see in your life ... " *

High in fox cap Hasid prayed beside me. His posture struck me , he's gone somewhere, standing in one place , holding the tzitzit , and just rocked . I have already finished his prayer . And he stood , lifting up the face and continued to pray . And I thought bitterly, where I was and where he ...

During the day I was thinking about my level advanced ™. Reborn , today is a believer , I have kept the memory of the one past life and remember her , my rabid atheist . I saw the light much later . Much later, many dissidents.

And then I suddenly saw how far is it to me image Hasid . What should I do if I become like him ? I'm pretty sure no, I become so loaded with past life , although I am already physically on the other side . But the roots again and again give rise to shoots of those times , though it has formed a new barrel .

Home tonight opened the book and our Rebbe * read his comments to the Board of Rabbi Tzemach Tzedek Hasid become one onion. Hasid complained that he did not understand, do not give rise. Why onions ? " Onions, writes Rabbi , put in a pot of soup is not to eat it , but only to give a taste of the chicken and broth . Like onions , should sacrifice their personal growth, so that others can grow. This is growth. "

I did not expect such a board , but it helped me to feel their place in the new world for me . This great spiritual wealth is open to all , come and take it. Open the door to the library , where for thousands of years , not a hundred , two hundred and four thousand years accumulated books, and there is still one the most important book . This book and the com -
commentary to it and make all the basic laws of human life and the answers to not even put questions. Come and take it ....

I believe that everyone comes into this world to fulfill its task . I believe that everyone is given so much strength , mind and time as it is necessary that he did it. I believe that the world was created for the good, and everyone should do good. I believe in the coming of Moshiach and wait. I believe , and I'm happy that it happened in me . That's before you stories. Before you a believer .

But until I was able to convey that feeling to another . For this we need to tune in to a wave with him . And I have not yet obtained. With anyone. Anyone I could not explain anything . But , maybe my example and my book will allow you to just take a new look at life. And maybe anything should affect you, and you will feel the excitement and heart tremble , and you want to know more about it, and then , as our sages said that , you also awarded "the world will see in your life."

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