Who is a Jew?

Автор: Schochet, Jacob Immanuel

Издательство: Shamir



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Номер по каталогу: 04168000
Год издания: 2010
Cтраниц: 206
Weight: 0.47 kgs
Translated by: Veksler, Y.
Editor: Gil, P.
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 16x2x24


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30 questions and answers regarding this controversial and contentious issues

Rabbi Yaakov Imanuel Shochet - a renowned scholar and a popular lecturer, expert in the field of Jewish philosophy, Kabbalah and Hasidism. For many years - a rabbi in Toronto (Canada). Professor of Philosophy at Humber College and a professor of Jewish law and philosophy at Maimonides College (Toronto). Author of more than thirty books and dozens of articles.

The problem of "Who is a Jew?" - One of the hottest in contemporary Jewish life, it arouses so much controversy, so much hatred, so much recrimination ... It threatens the Jewish people in such a split, what he did not know for their entire history.

Slander and abuse, lies and disinformation - all brought to bear to use the almost complete lack of awareness of the general public in these matters.

Therefore the main task of this book, to explain the fundamental, basic concepts of Judaism. It does not pretend to any new discoveries or any transfer hitherto unknown information on the subject. Its purpose - to bring clarity to this issue.


Dedication ..... 9
Preface to the new expanded edition ..... 11

PART ONE ..... 15
Introduction ..... 17
1. What defines a Jew? ..... 21
2. Can a Jew be a "non-religious", "secular"? ..... 23
3 - Are all the children of Jewish parents - Jews? ..... 25
4 - Are there differences in the religious status of a person
in which only one parent is a Jew? ..... 26
5 - Can a non-Jew to convert to Judaism? ..... 27
6. As a non-Jew is a Jew? ..... 27
7 - What does it mean to "take all the principles, laws and customs of Judaism"? ..... 28
8. What is the meaning of circumcision and immersion in water mikve? ..... 30
9. Who can convert to Judaism? ..... 31
th. As regards change of religion Judaism questions? ..... 31
11. What does the expression "under the direction and supervision of accredited representatives of the Jewish people"? ..... 32
12. Who are these "accredited representatives of the Jewish people" that make up the beit din? ..... 34
13. Can there be multiple interpretations of Jewish law and tradition? ..... 35
14 - Why Orthodox Jews refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the reformist and conservative slave in ritual matters (in particular, their right to do convert to Judaism)? ..... 40
15 - Why is the "law of return" is controversial? ..... 45
16. Who is primarily concerned with the problem of defining Jewishness? ..... 4b
17. Does every convert to Judaism, committed Orthodox rabbis, is legally binding? ..... 47
18. What is the status of the person who has passed convert to Judaism, does not meet the requirements of Halacha? ..... 48
19 - And, maybe the problem is, "Who is a Jew?" - This is an internal matter of the state of Israel? ..... 49
20. How to reconcile the principles of democracy and pluralism with the "narrow" view of the convert to Judaism? ..... 5 °
21. Is it possible to preserve the unity of the Jewish people for all these differences? ..... 52
22. Do a matter of determining the orthodox rabbinate of Jews as a means of struggle with reformist movements? ..... 53
23 - Why can not allow the assembly to decide the issue of "Who is a Jew?"? ..... 54

PART TWO ..... 59
Introduction ..... 61
1. The provisions set out in the first part of the book may
seem one-sided and controversial. What is, for example, statements are based on the practice of "Reform Judaism"? ..... 63
a. Is Reform Judaism has no rights to their
own interpretation of Jewish law and Jewish tradition - in exactly the same way as orthodox or conservative movement? Not everything comes down to the difference between them only to theological disagreements? ..... 74
3 - What is Conservative Judaism? Is not he should
Halacha? ..... 84
4 - But many Orthodox rabbis hold
looks very similar with those of their conservative "colleagues"? ..... oo
5 - Is it too much self-confidence - to judge as to who is entitled to be a rabbi and who is not? It smacks of hypocrisy and is associated with the "Jewish inquisition"! ..... South
6. If the reformist and conservative ideology
contrary to Halacha and even reject it, does not that mean that the people who share these views - non-Jews? ..... 104
7 - How, then, are so-called "neortodoksam"? ..... 105
BOOK ..... YU9
APPENDIX ..... 113
Norman Lamm. Who is a Jew? The Supreme Court and the Chief Justice ..... 115
Nissim Ridzhuan. Who is a Jew: the answers to the two famous
non-existent problem ..... 128
David Blyayh. On the establishment of a "neutral" beit din ..... 138
Menachem Begin. Who is a Jew? ..... 146
Yaakov Imanuel Shochet. Who is a Jew? Eventually,
orthodox approach - only possible for all
Jews ..... 157
Yaakov Imanuel Shochet. "Who is a Jew?": Facts and fiction ..... 164
ADDITIONS ..... 175
A. Why is the "law of return" in its current form threatens
security of the state of Israel.
The case of Mubarak Awad ..... 177
B. Analysis of the arguments against the corrections
"Law of Return" ..... 184

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