Wisdom ot the Kabbalah

Автор: Safran, Alexandr



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Номер по каталогу: 06007000
Год издания: 2004
Cтраниц: 288
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Translated by: Spinadel, G.
Language: Russian
Cover: paperback
Format: 14x2x22


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"Dr. Safran revealed a huge treasure of Wisdom of Kabbalah" -
Elie Wiesel, Nobel Prize winner

This collection consists of the author's introduction to the book Kabbalah: The Law and
Mysticism in the Jewish Tradition (1960) and the book Wisdom of Kabbalah (1986).

The author - a former chief rabbi of Romania and Geneva, the hero of the resistance, a professor, an outstanding man and an expert on the subject, the study of which has dedicated most of his life, the sublime language and imagery prerasno explains the basic truth: Kabbalah - the continuity going on an unbroken chain from teacher to student, from revelation of Gd at Sinai to us, which is preserved only through the study of law in its entirety and strict execution of everyday life.

The study and practice of law to purify and elevate the soul to perceive
vertices of the Jewish tradition, in other vessels of deep perception of things are closed and properly understand the mystical foundation is impossible. But, thanks to the comprehension and implementation of the Law of the Torah, one gets the highest good - the closeness to the Creator and His infinite blessings in all things. Not by chance, from Moses to the present day the greatest Jewish rabbis were men of Kabbalah - the Law is Kabbalah, and much of it without it is not clear as it is without it leading to abluzhdeniyu.

The difference between this collection of other books in Russian on Kabbalah that Rabbi Alexander Safran, a hereditary rabbi carrying the tradition, deeply and personally knows what is taught.

Rabbi Safran, who is now 94 years old internationally recognized authority in the field, whose books have been translated into many languages, different astonishing modesty. This is, first of all, indicates the seriousness of his approach to the case of man on earth, and the authenticity of the Kabbalah, which he introduces the reader.


About the Author
Introduction to the book of Kabbalah:
Law and Mysticism in Jewish tradition
The introduction to the book Wisdom of Kabbalah
Overview of the teachings and stories of bondage
Chapter 1
In what sense bondage - knowledge?
Chapter 2
In what sense bondage-wisdom?

This publication is the first website in Russian. It begins with an introduction to his book Kabbalah: The Law and Mysticism in Jewish tradition (published in 1960), followed by translation of the book Wisdom of Kabbalah, published in 1986.

The name of the first book expresses a fundamental truth: Kabbalah - is, first of all, the law and its strict implementation in everyday life, which purifies and elevates the soul to perceive the spiritual heights of Jewish tradition: the right way to understand it is not possible. Since reaching the supreme good - approaching the Creator, finding the blessings in all things. Not by chance, from Moses to the present day the greatest Jewish scribes were human bondage.

The principal difference between the publication of other books in Russian on the theme of bondage that Rabbi Alexander Safran, behind which an unbroken tradition from Sinai, deeply knows the subject, dedicating it to the study of more than half a century.

Rabbi Safran, a recognized world authority in this field, Professor, with a broad erudition and heroic past, characterized by remarkable modesty. And it is, above all, shows the seriousness of his approach to business people on the ground, on the authenticity of bondage with which he introduces the reader.

From the author's preface to the first edition of the book

Kabbalah: The Law and Mysticism in Jewish tradition

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