World Remember Them

јвтор: Shabashkevich, Mark

»здательство: Mercur


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Ќомер по каталогу: 09185000
√од издани€: 2005
Cтраниц: 355
ISBN: 965-7343-02-X
Weight: 0.38 kgs
Language: Russian
Cover: hardcover
Format: 13x2x18


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212 outstanding Jews. Illustrations - stamps. Brief biographies of the well-known Jews immortalized on stamps of the different countries of the world.


Monuments are different: it is bronze, marble , houses , parks , streets and even entire cities . Postal miniature, mark - a very special monument .

He has not come , do not come , do not place flowers . He comes home to us with a letter , postcard , post. And every country's business cards - postage stamp - tends to reflect the most important thing for her. And if it is a portrait - a portrait of the famous in this country or in the world of man , a monument to him.

The purpose of this book is not advertising or consideration of postage stamps as a matter of collecting. Stamps here - text illustrations . For the same purpose used postage-paid envelopes and cards that carry the same traffic load .

Jews have lived for a long time and live in almost every country of the world, and their contribution to the culture and life of these countries is huge. No wonder, then , that so many portraits and names of famous Jews we see on the postage stamps of different countries. In this book, there is no detailed biographies of the people depicted in miniatures mail . Here only briefly discusses the major milestones of their lives and works .

The stamps there is no indication that the people depicted in them - the Jews , but we know that they are not only citizens of the countries they lived in, but the sons and daughters of the Jewish people.

Of course , not all Jews were celebrated on postage stamps, and , of course, not all brands came together in the author's collection . So the more complete collections of stamps and , accordingly , the new edition of this book is yet to come .

Reduction (see ) after italics refers to Israeli explanations of historical, political and other terms at the end of the book. When following the first mention in other articles such terms as are indicated in italics.

The number after the name indicates the number of the corresponding article.

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