Written and oral Torah of the Holocaust.

јвтор: Goldin, Nachum

»здательство: Jewish Book



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It is known that, having passed through the camps, many Jews lost their faith in Divine Providence, and moved away from Judaism, passing his pain and his lack of faith to future generations. And today, as well as seventy years ago, in the mouths of their children and grandchildren with a relentless emotional the same question: "If God exists, how could He allow this? ..."

In this edition of the book 'Oral Torah written on the Holocaust. " There is no policy - specifically Jewish perspective on the problem. Topic for more than relevant today, when the world once again hears calls for the destruction of Israel and the Jews, and in many countries deny the reality of genocide during the Second World War. The theme of the Holocaust and attempts to explain from the standpoint of the author of the Torah has been sick for many years, because too often people are ignorant and incompetent triumphantly placing this tragedy ignorant as evidence of the absence in the world of the Act, the Governor and Justice.

The author has collected and processed a large amount of material from classical Jewish sources. The book deserves wide distribution and will serve as a successful means of persuasion many skeptics and cynics!

Two well-known and respected rabbi gave Askamu.

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